Talk Dirty To Me by Jessie G.Rating: 4.25 stars
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Snake has spent five years undercover, trying to work his way into the Devils Pride motorcycle club to help break up the Miami guns and drug trade. He has been aided the entire time by a man he has never met, his partner Greg, who handles the intelligence for the mission. Over the years the men have grown close, talking daily and getting to know one another well. They have even fallen for each other during those late night phone calls. Now with Devils Pride having set up a deal with the DEA and a new phase of the investigation beginning, Snake is finally able to return home and meet the man whose sexy voice has been keeping him company for so long.

Greg is thrilled to finally get to see Snake face to face, but also wary that he will be a disappointment to the super sexy agent. Greg is kind of overweight, boring, and geeky. At least that is what all of his past guys have thought. Greg knows that he and Snake have built an emotional connection, but he worries what Snake will think when they actually meet in person.

Even though the DEA has caught Durango and made a major breakthrough fighting the drug trade, the case isn’t over as new faces step in to take over. Snake and Greg only have a short time together before Snake needs to go back undercover, putting himself in danger once again. The guys are hoping they can finally have a future together, but first they must get through the dangers of one more case.

Talk Dirty to Me is the second book in Jessie G’s Devils Pride series and it picks up soon after the end of the first book, Tricking Chase. In that first book we see Snake having infiltrated the club and helping to bring down Durango. We get glimpses of the connection between Snake and Greg, and it is so delicious I was really excited that these guys were getting their own story. While they are new main characters in this second book, I think you will definitely benefit if you have read the first book, as many of the characters reappear and the overall storyline is pretty connected.

As I said, I was super excited about this one as I loved the bits of Greg and Snake we get in the first book. It is such a great set up with these guys who have fallen in love but never met. Greg is the one that helps keep Snake safe, who gets him information and helps guide him through the investigation, and is one of the few people Snake can actually open up to about what is going on as he is undercover. It is clear before they even meet how much these guys care for one another, but things really get intense when they finally get together. Greg is both excited and terrified about meeting Snake, as he worries the uber hot agent will be disappointed in him. So many men have made Greg feel unworthy that is so nice to see how much Snake clearly adores everything about him. And its not just that Greg has low self esteem but is actually gorgeous after all like we often see; he is in fact overweight and kind of geeky and Snake loves him for all of that. These guys are super steamy together and I love how Jessie G is able to still show that intense attraction and romantic connection between them even though they are often not together while Snake is on his case. Let’s just say that this book features the most steamy phone sex encounters I have ever read!

Aside from the relationship end of things, this story also focuses on the continued efforts to bring down the Miami drug trade. Though they stopped Durango, a new player has stepped up and so Snake is determined to see him taken down as well before he leaves his undercover assignment. This of course brings another separation and a host of risks and the men must deal with the fact that neither of them are totally safe during this process. Snake worries for Greg just as much as Greg worries for him, and the author really captures that intensity well. The guys are joined by lots of old friends, including Ty and Chase from Tricking Chase, as well as Alaric and others from the Sizzling Miami series. The story isn’t quite as high octane as some of the other books in terms of suspense, but I found it a nice mix of romance and the investigation end of things.

I will say that I times I find the interconnected nature of these stories a little overwhelming, as there are a lot of characters and it is sometimes hard to keep track of everyone and their various subplots. Although this is technically the second book in the Devils Pride series, the series itself is a spinoff of Sizzling Miami and the two series have many overlapping plots and characters. In fact, book 3 of Sizzling Miami, The Protector, actually directly connects with Tricking Chase in this series, meaning that you really have to have read at least that one book before starting Devil’s Pride. Honestly, I think to really understand everything that is happening, you need to be familiar with both series, and even then it is a lot of plot and characters to manage. All that said, I am really enjoying both series and am very glad to be along for the ride, it just sometimes gets tough to track it all.

I really enjoyed Talk Dirty to Me, both for the chance to get Greg and Snake’s story, and also to see a slightly atypical hero in Greg. I loved seeing how intensly connected these guys are even before they meet, and how much Snake clearly adores Greg despite Greg’s anxieties. There is a nice balance of romance and suspense, and the guys are super sexy together. So overall another great story by Jessie G.

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