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Trust picks up right where Connection left off.  Jeremy and Evan are in bed together. Evan is blissfully happy, but Jeremy? He’s still suffering from his insecurities, and when Evan runs his fingers along his scars, he completely freaks out. He leaps out of bed, telling Evan, “Don’t fucking touch me!” Breaking Evan’s heart, Jeremy declares their night together a mistake and even tells him that they can’t be friends, and maybe they never even were. Naturally, Evan is just devastated.

After he leaves, Jeremy becomes physically ill. He already suffers from migraines from the accident. Between the headache, the nausea, and the pain in his leg, he’s a true mess and begins to shut himself off from the world, only going to work and to his shrink. Evan, meanwhile, after deciding to stop wallowing, ambles outside to get some fresh air and meets a very nice young man and his dog. They get to talking and agree to go on a date, however, he realizes that he’s not ready for something like that.

Poor, miserable Jeremy comes to the conclusion that me misses Evan and wants him back. He gradually starts to take steps toward that by going out in public showing his scars a bit. He also talks to Russ about missing Evan and being afraid to face him. He even wants to skip Russ and Stephan’s wedding because he doesn’t know what to do about running into Evan. Russ convinces him to call Evan and ask if he can ride along to the wedding with him. He says that he can start off gently with Evan and convince him he’s serious about wanting him.

The book progresses from there. Slowly, our men become happy, and it’s wonderful to see. I have to say I was getting kind of tired of all the angst. I know some is necessary to move the story along, but I waffled about just DNF’ing it because I was becoming depressed. I read for enjoyment and escape, not to wallow in total despair. You can imagine my heart soaring when they finally come together…and when Jeremy comes clean and admits to Evan he wants a relationship? Hallelujah!

It’s not all smooth sailing though. They do encounter some bumps in the road, but they finally do what mature couples do…they work through it. They have help from Russ and Stephan and other friends. That’s another thing I liked about Trust. The background characters are incredible. They’re well written and well fleshed out, especially Stephen and Russ. Of course, they’re the MCs of Brigham Vaughn’s Equals series, so they have full stories of their own. I loved Alan, Russ’ father. He’s the kind of dad everyone needs…gay or straight. Every time he was in a scene, I felt relaxed.

Finally, before I finish, I want to take a little time to talk about the sexual tension/chemistry between Jeremy and Evan. Certainly, it’s hot. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s nuclear. However, it’s not just the act itself. They emotion involved brings a whole new level to it. Each man is so damaged, and their lives have been so dark, they cling to each other. Each time they make love, there are sparks. They are soul mates in every sense of the word, and I haven’t rooted for a couple like this in a long time.

So, even though Trust is painful to read at times, it’s still a story of triumph over darkness. It’s beautifully written and just so good. I highly recommend it.

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