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Will has fallen in love with Patrick, but he is still scared. The start of their relationship was so crazy, he worries about whether they can ever make a marriage last with such a unusual foundation. And now that he has word that his mobster family will allow the divorce, Will wonders if separating from Patrick for a while is a good idea, just so he has some time to think and clear his head.

Patrick is in love with Will as well, and is finally working up the nerve to tell him. Before Will, Patrick never believed in love, but he knows he wants nothing more than a life with this man. Patrick is ready and willing to fully commit, and he has absolutely no doubts. But he will do whatever it takes to make Will happy, even if it means giving him the space he needs.

Both Will and Patrick are in love and happy together. But Will must overcome his doubts if they are going to be able to continue their relationship for good.

Will & Patrick’s Happy Ending is the final installment in Leta Blake and Alice Griffith’s fabulous Wake Up Married serial. I have enjoyed this one from beginning to end and the authors wrap the series up wonderfully here, in just the romantic and heartwarming way I wanted.

This last installment is a bit tricky as Patrick and Will have fallen in love, but we still need some sort of conflict to carry the final story. I was worried this would devolve into misunderstanding territory with neither man willing to admit his feelings and I was delighted to see that the authors bypassed that common device to give us something much more well developed. Of course, I was sad to see anything rock the boat when these guys finally realize they are in love, but I appreciated that they could declare their feelings while still having some issues to work through. I could understand Will’s concerns, as this is a guy who has been led to doubt himself so much. Honestly, for all the friends and family who claim to love Will, they give him awful advice and no one seems to have the smallest amount of confidence that Will is emotionally competent to make his own decisions. They make me crazy. But I could also see how it all leads to Will doubting his own ability to know his own mind and I can see why he makes the choices he does. But oh, my heart breaks for poor fragile Patrick who thinks he is so unlovable. I love how the authors start the series off making us think that bold, brash Patrick is the strong one, but we see over the course of the books how vulnerable he is and how being with Will gives him strength.

The last story really helps us see how far these guys can come. The love between them is just palpable and I got all kinds of warm fuzzies from their connection. It was a perfect ending to the series and I have just loved following along. I highly recommend the entire serial and while I am happy for Will and Patrick, I am sorry to see it come to an end.

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