Today I am so pleased to welcome Vanessa Mulberry to Joyfully Jay. Vanessa has come to talk to us about her latest release, Hector and Anatolius (Trojan Men #1). She has also brought along a tour wide giveaway.  Please join me in giving Vanessa a big welcome!


A Day in the Life of Prince Anatolius

Dawn: Hector happily rises with the sun every morning, but I must confess I would laze in bed all day if given the opportunity.  This morning I persuade him that we must rest a little while longer, but it a bit more time than I promised, and we do not rest much at all.

After a bath and a hearty breakfast, Hector leaves for the day.  The Lycian King, Sarpedon, is visiting the city and my husband joins him and his best men on a hunt.  I do not accompany them as I have my own duties now I am a prince and instead attend the barracks where Lieutenant Polydamas greets me.  As a Prince of Troy, it is important I can stand in defence of the city, and I receive training alongside the other soldiers. We practice with a sword until mid-morning but although I am strong, and quick, I never seem to land a blow.  That raises my confidence—I know they respect me enough not to let me win. I’m a better archer than fighter, and the rest of the morning is spent upon target practice.

Noon: I eat lunch with the men and then take my leave.  The afternoon is mine, but I have no time to be idle.  I visit the Temple of Aphrodite and give thanks at her altar, then do the same at the Temple of Eros.
After honouring the gods, I honour my father.  He spends more time in Troy now I am living here and has purchased a spice shop.  I know he is in the city today overseeing the arrival of a large delivery of cinnamon, and I visit him there.  He is pleased to see me, and we talk for a long time: me sharing news from the palace while he talks of a widow he has met, who might be an excellent wife for him. He has an empty home since I left, but he does not mind. I wish him well and hope marriage will make him as happy as it does me.

Late afternoon: I return to the palace to find Hector is back from the hunt. They caught three deer and two boars, which have all been taken to Priam’s palace for butchering.  Hector is bathing again, washing the blood, sweat, and dirt from the ride off his body.  I watch him, marvelling at the thickness of his muscles.  Every part of him is perfectly proportioned, and he looks like a god to me.  I tell him this, and he laughs before he pulls me close for a kiss.
Evening: We visit Priam’s palace to feast on the hunt.  The king was unhappy at the deception surrounding our wedding, but he has warmed to me now I am again part of his family and I think him a good man these days. Although I am well acquainted with the royal Trojan’s, I remain close to Hector throughout the evening because I would rather spend time in his company than any other’s.

Night: It is late when we go to our bed, both a little merry from the wine that flowed at Priam’s table.  I am tired, but not so tired I can’t manage to enjoy my husband’s attentions for a second time that day. When we are done, I whisper a brief prayer to the gods, thanking them for all they have given me, and I fall asleep.


Hector and Anatolius by Vanessa MulberryHector has been a dutiful son and prince his whole life until his father orders him to marry. The Trojan was meant for no woman, and when he meets a handsome youth named Anatolius, he is more determined than ever to rule one day with a man at his side. However, after he is betrayed by his brother Paris his fate seems unavoidable. Hector needs all the courage he has learned in battle, and the assistance of a goddess, to win the hand of the man he loves.

This is a gay (MM) romance novel set prior to the events of the Trojan War. It depicts romantic and sexual love between two men in a broadly tolerant society.

29688 words
Hector and Anatolius is the debut novel of British author, Vanessa Mulberry.

Buy Links: Amazon US |  Amazon UK


Vanessa Mulberry lives in England with her husband and daughter.  Her achievements are numerous and of no interest to anyone reading this. Her hobbies include cheap alcohol and romance novels.  Growing up, Vanessa dreamed of becoming Mr. T, but the position has not yet fallen vacant.  She has settled for being a romance novelist instead.

Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


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