A Life InterruptedRating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novella

Dan and Travis have been together for twenty-two years. A meeting in a bar between studious Dan and Travis’ jock friends led to the love of a lifetime. They are an unlikely pair where neither of them ever entertained the idea of being with another man. They have built a good life together and have never wavered from being truly happy.

Now Travis is in a coma, fighting for his life with major surgery the next step. Unable to deal with the curve life has thrown at them, Dan gets lost in the past as he recalls the moments that meant the most to him. For in the end, there is no guarantee that Travis will return to their once idyllic life that has been tragically interrupted.

Dan and Travis have a true love story. Their story is told simply, as they are two men who have been in love with each other for a long time. It’s everyday life where they each have jobs, they have a family, and they are deeply connected. Travis takes care of the day to day details of running their home and without him, Dan is lost for so many reasons.

There is a balance between the past and present throughout the story. We see how Travis and Dan met and how their love evolved from immediate and unexpected attraction, to friendship, to true love and shared intimacy. Some areas are more detailed than others, but there is still a true sense shown of both characters, as well as their relationship. Even the stories from the past are offered with enough clarity to put us right there with both men as they fell in love. Now Dan can only function to get himself back and forth from the hospital as his entire world is falling apart.

The one area I could have used more explanation on was Travis’ medical condition. Travis had major surgery and the doctor couldn’t find the time to fully speak with Dan and kept brushing him off. This book is also not a complete story. The book takes us up to a certain point and their story will continue on in June in another installment.

The book is a well written love story of unexpectedly finding the one to spend your life with and then the consequences of continuing on when that life is interrupted.


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