bodyheatRating: 3.25 stars
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Length: Novella

Nick lives in Washington, DC. He’s out and proud there, but he has not come out to his family in Colorado. This happens completely by accident when he’s on a camping/fishing/hunting trip with his brother and his friends. Nick really likes his skiing instructor, Clay, and kisses him. Unfortunately, Nick’s brother and his buddies see this, and are angry and cruel.

Clay likes Nick, and he’s happy when Nick gives him his number despite Nick’s brother and the others’ rude behavior. He wants to date him. In fact, he texts Nick to invite him to his place for dinner. There’s a problem though. Nick has been out in the snow, hunting…alone. A snowstorm is coming, and Nick has to burrow into a snow cave and wait for rescue. Clay and Nick are keeping in touch through texts, but Nick’s battery is running low, so Clay is determined to venture out and save Nick.

I liked Body Heat for what it was…short, sweet, to the point, and pretty damn sexy. Nick and Clay are great together. I was sad for Nick for the behavior of his brother and friends. That was upsetting, and I imagine more common than I’m comfortable with. Clay was brave and adorable. Willing to risk his own safety, he heads out to find Nick. They’re the perfect couple.

Because this isn’t a very long book, things happen quickly. The meet, fall, and HEA are nearly breakneck in speed. That’s ok, though. It felt right. I believe in love at first sight, and Body Heat has exactly that. The sex scenes are hot! Their “first time” was via telephone as Nick hunkered down in his snow cave, and once Clay finds him and crawls in with him? WOW!

The end, while predictable, was still sweet. Our men are now in love, and Nick’s brother is no longer an ass. I enjoyed this story, and I recommend it to anyone who is into insta-love and great sex. I’ve checked Devyn Morgan’s other work, and it looks like he has quite a few stories similar to Body Heat, and I won’t hesitate to check them out.

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