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Dusty is an ER physician and Nate is a paramedic. They, along with Kyle who is in law enforcement, have been the best of friends since their Army days in the desert. Kyle has gotten married, and it’s left Dusty feeling out of sorts. He is willing to admit he’s jealous of what Kyle now has with his wife, Liah. Everyone, from his family, to Kyle, and even Nate encourages Dusty to meet the right woman and settle down. The thing is, the person Dusty wants to settle down with is none other than Nate. It’s unfortunate he isn’t aware Nate wants him as well.

They manage keep this secret from each other until Dusty’s family calls from Texas. Dusty’s parents’ wedding anniversary is coming and there’s to be a big party at the family ranch. Dusty is anxious and depressed about going home. He knows he’ll be hounded about getting married and having children, and he just doesn’t want to deal with it alone, so he asks Nate to come with him. The house is crowded with guests, so the men must share a room. That’s where things turn interesting.

Once Dusty and Nate come home from Texas, they have to learn how to handle their new relationship, and to top it off, bombs are being set off all over the city, targeting first responders. There is a lot of stress and fear, and our men are exhausted. They know they’ll need each other to get through these trials…each other and plenty of Mexican food.

Oh, how I loved this book! I’ve only just begun going through B.A. Tortuga’s library. I can tell you this. She does not disappoint. She writes characters who are real, gritty, and human. It’s not always pretty being human, and she captures it all in fantastic detail. Dusty and Nate are so much alike. They work hard, and they feel things deeply. They leaned on each other before they were a couple, and once they were together, the need to rely on each other became even greater. I thought their story was so romantic. Once they came to their senses, watching them fall was wonderful. There were times when it was angsty and rough, but that is what made them them.

Along with Dusty and Nate, there were quite a few background characters who were perfectly written. Their friend Kyle and his wife were great. They wanted to keep their friendship with Dusty and Nate strong, even though they were now married and living separate lives. Dusty’s family were loving, if not a little pushy. They wanted what was best for Dusty, even though Dusty didn’t think they’d approve of the one very thing that was best for him. Nate’s mom was a hoot! She was a pot smoking, crystal carrying, art dealing hippie who loved Nate with all her heart. In fact, Nate didn’t even need to come out to her. She had known for years. Honorable mention goes to Nate’s partners on the ambulance. Jet, his first, is wounded in the first bombing, after that, he gets Darla, and a police officer ride along named Lex. They all have great chemistry together. They’re a bit of comic relief. Lex is gay and hits on Nate, but not in a skeezy sort of way. It’s all very relaxed, until they have to get some work done.

The ongoing mystery as to who is setting the bombs and why is interesting. It may have been a teeny bit obvious, but it was in no way lessened by that. The bomber’s reasoning is troubling, and you get to witness pure evil when he confesses. They climactic scene is full of tension. I’m not going to give it all away, but there is an extra layer of panic, other than just a bomb. Our major characters are in a lot of danger, and they have to pull together to make sure everyone is safe in the end.

A review by me wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t talk about the sex between Dusty and Nate. They are so hot together! The first time they’re intimate is absolutely panty melting. The second time they’re intimate is Kindle melting, along with the panties. Reading about all the pent up lust and anguish is so satisfying, I needed a cold shower. It’s not always smooth sailing, though. Hot sex does not a relationship make. Dusty and Nate have to endure going days without seeing each other sometimes because they had opposite shifts. Physical and mental exhaustion makes people irritable, and irritable people aren’t always easy to deal with.

Through it all, there is a common theme tying everything together. Food. Our boys love to eat. They have a lot of favorites, but the main one is Mexican food. They love tacos, enchiladas, burritos, and well…guacamole. With their meals, they can reconnect and just be. I think that’s actually one of the most heartwarming parts of Bombs and Guacamole. Dusty and Nate just are, and what they are is amazing.

I highly recommend this book. It’s wonderful. B.A. Tortuga has written another winner!

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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