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Liam Grady and Cameron Danu have been sharing a dream love for more than a decade. Since their late teens, each has had recurring sexy dreams of a lover—one who ages as they do over the years. These dreams are nearly as real as their waking lives, and each man has strong feelings about his dream lover.

Liam has lived in Asheville, North Carolina, most of his life. He’s great friends with his Aunt Dianne, who is near his own age. Like her parents, Dianne is Wiccan, and very Earth-centric. She’s long wondered if her priest, Nosha, can help Liam with his dream issues. When they finally meet, Nosha explains that Liam is a Dream Walker, one who can enter the dreams of others. He also may be a Dream Weaver, but will need to train himself to control his ability if he wants to remain safe—and not harm others. One big revelation is that Liam’s dream man must be real, according to Nosha.

Cameron has recently moved to Asheville to take a new job at a tattoo parlor. While out one night, he believes he sees his dream lover, Liam. Their dreams begin to change when Cam comes to Asheville. Instead of their straight-up sexy erotic dreams, Cam and Liam begin dreaming of mundane life together—cuddling and sharing domestic tasks. It marks a turning point for each man, and signals them to find their fated mate. Liam, wanting a permanent connection to the man of his dreams, appears at Cam’s tattoo studio. Their meeting is, well, disastrous is not too strong a word.

Cam freaks the heck out, and Liam is heart-broken to be rebuffed. Dianne intervenes, and it’s a good thing! They decide to get to know one another in the waking world and a friendship blossoms. Given their long dream history, attraction is a given. They have trouble separating the dream world with real life—for a little while, anyway. This was a real dilemma they needed to overcome. I liked all the spiritual elements that were discussed as I have little exposure to Wicca; the inclusion of an alternate religious experience was interesting.

There is a bit of conflict from an outside entity—another Dream Walker who makes attacking Liam his mission. The motivation here seemed exceptional, and not in a good way. While the rationale for Liam’s attack was bizarre, to my eye, the resolution was good, allowing a deeper connection between Liam and Cam, while also prompting Liam to train and hone his skill in Dream Walking/Weaving. There are some amazing sexytimes in this book—both in the dream and waking world. And, the book is a solid HEA for Liam and Cam. It was so sweet for these kind souls to get linked, and inked, permanently.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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