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Length: Novella

Lies & Diamonds & Bears is a second-chance romance for two lonely men.

Twenty years ago, Sly Carson and Rory Klein were college roommates and lovers. Sly came out to his homophobic father, at the risk of his inheritance and position at Carson Diamonds. It seemed they were poised to make a real go of it… Then, Sly left, with little more than a note.

Rory never got over Sly, though he’s had a long time to do so. He plans a “stay-cation” at the Hotel Incognito as a break from his stressful job in a substance-recovery clinic. Sly is a five-time loser in the hetero marriage mart. He’s planning a rendezvous with as many sexy men as he can handle at Hotel Incognito, as a reward for his latest divorce.

And they both stay the same weekend.

It’s inevitable that they run into each other and the reunion is not sweet. It’s awkward and awful and, well, familiar after a while. Especially as each witnesses the other in a compromising position with another… I half-expected they’d get set up for a love connection, and it goes in a *slightly* different direction, but the result is a true reunion, and confession time for Sly regarding his craptastic bail-out all those years ago. And, that’s when Rory falls completely for his first love all over again.

Honestly, I knew what was coming on that front, and I was happily rewarded for my restraint at hating on Sly. He wasn’t particularly endearing throughout most of the book, but I had a feeling he was a true gallant, and that was later confirmed.

As this is a novella, I didn’t have long to wait before all was revealed and the HEA got under way. In contrast to most romances, the sexytimes in this book were not all between the main characters—and I mention this because that’s an issue for some readers. I think, however, that once Sly and Rory got reconnected their enjoyment of their hedonistic weekend jumped a thousand-fold, and they prepared to leave the Hotel Incognito no longer hiding their true selves or true loves.

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