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Length: Novel

Make the Right Choice is a spinoff of the Hat Trick books where Leo and Matt appeared as secondary characters. Although it references events from the Hat Trick series, those events are sufficiently explained and as such, Make the Right Choice is a standalone novel.

After ten years together, having watched all of their friends happily married, Leo is doubtful that his and Matt’s relationship is destined to survive. Leo is busy as a physical therapist for the Pittsburg Penguins, while Matt is always traveling for his father’s architecture firm.

Even with the worry that they are losing their connection, Leo and Matt’s family and friends all disagree and feel that any obstacle can be overcome with communication. Step by step, Leo and Matt begin to address their conflicting priorities and make a plan. Matt decides to quit working for his father’s firm, and refocus his energy on his and Leo’s relationship. Figuring out what he can do that will give them the balance they are desperately looking for sounds easy, but Matt’s Type A father has different ideas for the heir to his architecture firm.

Make the Right Choice is told in both Leo and Matt’s POVs, flipping back and forth between chapters, which allowed us to get into each of the guy’s heads and the writing was a such that I didn’t once get mixed up midway through a chapter. In this, Adams successfully gave Leo and Matt their own voices, which from my perspective was very much appreciated because I tend to read in short bursts and can lose track of who’s POV I am reading.

Seeing Leo and Matt ten years later was interesting, primarily because we got a glimpse of who they were in school and get to see the men they grew into, but at the same time, their relationship is ever evolving. Even though there was trouble due to Matt’s demanding work schedule, the stress on their relationship and the various character interactions felt realistic.

Having secondary characters like Alex and Simon who added a bit of familiarity for those of us who read the Hat Trick books, as well as a nice variety of family members, contributed to the overall depth of the story and feeling of Leo and Matt’s environment.

To be honest, I have found it difficult to read lately (yes, this shocks me too!) and yet I opened Make the Right Choice and was immediately drawn into the story. I loved the Hat Trick books and simply loved this fabulous spinoff, and I’m sure you will too.

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