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In the near distant future (2028 to be exact), in a split second, chaos breaks out as people begin to turn into raging walking corpses. A virus of some sort has taken over, and Dallas and Raleigh Jenson are caught in the middle of it all. They were having a nice dinner together in their favorite restaurant when the plague hit.

Dallas, who had been in the Australian army, goes to investigate, telling Raleigh to stay put. However, they become separated by the screaming mob. As the months pass, Dallas continues to search for Raleigh, never giving up. Because of his strength and leadership, he picks up survivors along the way and they’ve taken up residence in an abandoned shopping mall. He and some other members of his group search the city every day because Dallas is certain his husband would stay in an area that was familiar.

Fortunately, Dallas finds another group of survivors, and Raleigh is among them. After a romantic (and very sexy) reunion, the members of Raleigh’s group decide to follow Dallas and Tuppo back to their base at the mall. There are rumors of a scientist in the area, and everyone wants to try to put together a plan to find him. Perhaps this man could work on a cure to this horrible plague.

The rest of the story follows Dallas, Raleigh, Tuppo, and all of their friends as they battle to survive in a world full of violence, danger, and zombies.

I really liked this book. I’ve always been into dystopian/horror novels. If there was a terrifying monster involved, I eagerly snatched them up. As I got older, zombies became my favorite boogie men. There is something so frightening about the evil coming after the heroes of the story being those who used to be one of us. The past few years have seen my tastes lean toward erotic romance, and then gay erotic romance, so imagine my excitement when I saw a book that united my old favorite genre with my new favorite.

North to Zombieville has so much going for it. There’s horror, action, friendship, love, sex, and most of all, unforgettable characters who are doing their very best to simply survive in this new world. Dallas and Raleigh are a loving couple who never give up the hope of being reunited. Their passion really moved me. It made me think about my husband, and how I would search to the ends of the earth for him no matter what. Their chemistry is amazing, and they were a delight to read.

The background characters are also fantastic. There is Tuppo, Dallas’s loyal friend, willing to follow him out into the streets where the infected are waiting for people to come by so they can have a meal. Janey has known Dallas and Raleigh for a long time. She’s a strong former soldier who takes care of anyone who needs it. Then there’s Cade. He’s got a chip on his shoulder and doesn’t trust Dallas to keep everyone safe. He’s also in love with Raleigh, so even though he wants him to be happy, he’s devastated as he watches Dallas and Raleigh come together. All of these people, and a lot of others, fit perfectly into the story. They’re not just filler to keep the book moving along. They all have roles to fill, and make North to Zombieville even stronger.

Of course there are sex scenes, not many, but just enough. Dallas and Raleigh have been away from each other for a long time, so their chemistry just exploded. The first time they come together was amazing. It was equal parts romantic and frantic, and it was a joy to read. I am in love with both men, and I could feel the passion radiating from them.

I cannot recommend North to Zombieville enough. Even if you’re not a horror fan, there is enough excellent content to keep you absorbed in the story. Bawden has built a world with enough detail to make you see everything that’s happening. Every element creates a unique and engaging book I’m sure I’ll be rereading again and again. Definitely treat yourself to this one.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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