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It seems as though the galaxy will never be done with Zander Anatolius and Felix Ingesson. Felix barely survived an explosion during their peace talks with the Resonance and, while he has recovered well, Zander desperately wants their relationship to have some permanency. That way, should something happen to him, Felix will have the protection of his family’s name and wealth. But just as he plans to ask Felix to marry him, the Chaos finds itself under a cyber attack that results in the theft of information pertaining to Project Dreamweaver.

Separated from the crew of the Chaos, Felix and Zander travel into deep space to track down the thieves. Project Dreamweaver is supposed to be dead and buried and the threat of its resurrection is enough to bring the Guardians to the scene. But the all-powerful race, the same who named Zander their Emissary, seems to have an agenda of their own. At the edge of the known universe and surrounded by enemies, Zander and Felix realize they can only rely on one another. They must risk their lives to destroy Project Dreamweaver once and for all and only then can they have any chance at a future.

So this is it. Phase Shift represents the last in the Chaos Station series. And I can’t tell you how sad that makes me. I’ve enjoyed these books right from the start and they’ve never lost an ounce of steam. I give the authors real credit for knowing when and how to end their series and they’re definitely going out strong. Zander and Felix make a rare couple whose relationship continues to evolve and grow and never remains stagnant. At the start of Phase Shift, they remain as committed to one another as ever but Zander is suddenly pressing to make things official. As a result, Felix is forced to face another of his ghosts and while we as readers never doubt their ability to work things out, these growing pains feel completely realistic. It helps to add yet another layer of complexity to their relationship. Both men are deeply wounded and dynamically complex and the authors do an excellent job of showing that it’s hard work and love that keep them together. Felix and Zander have never been guaranteed a happy ending, their lives are simply too volatile for that. But having come so far with the couple, we can’t help wishing that they might finally find a measure of peace.

You can’t help be drawn to Zander and Felix. It’s their romance that has driven this series from the very beginning. But the cast of the Chaos has never been far behind them. They’ve always played an integral part in the stories and no more so than in Phase Shift. You really get the impression this rag tag crew isn’t just fighting to stop the rebirth of Project Dreamweaver, but to keep their family whole. They’re vibrant and real and just as much a part of the Chaos’ story as Zander and Felix, but they never intrude or overtake action where they shouldn’t.

The reviewers at Joyfully Jay are always fair critics to the books we read, but we don’t hand out 5 stars lightly because it means the book contains a level of excellence that we don’t come across every day. Of the five books in the Chaos Station series, three of them have been given 5 stars and the others are in the 4s. I can’t think of too many series that posses Chaos Station’s level of consistent quality. The characters are wonderfully developed and absolutely compelling. Zander and Felix have become one of my all time favorite couples and, while I hate to see them go, I have enjoyed every minute of their journey. These books are definitely interconnected so readers must start with the first book in the series, Chaos Station, but I promise you find it time well spent.

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