Rex's MateRating: 4 stars
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Length: Novella

Rex is a retired assassin living in Minnesota with a wolf shifter pack. He’s a little bored and a little lonely, now that he’s isolated on the pack compound and watching his friend and fellow former assassin/fuck buddy, Hunter, settle down with his own fated mate, Casey. Yep, one-night hook-ups no longer hold the same appeal.

Aaron is a scholarship student at Julliard, and worried sick about his twin brother, David, a war vet suffering PTSD. These orphans have suffered great hardship, not the least of which was abusive foster parents. David’s convinced to try a treatment for his PTSD, and this gets Aaron mixed up in a world he cannot even fathom—as an experiment!

Aaron is recovered from a gruesome laboratory, not as himself, exactly. He’s the sole survivor of a raid on a genetic torture lab. The raid was organized by Hunter and Rex’s former boss, so Hunter agrees to shelter the parti-colored rabbit until he shifts back to human form. Rex’s wolf bonds with the rabbit, and Rex loves him up for several days. Unfortunately, when Aaron’s change happens, well, it’s not sunshine and roses.

This is a fast moving story, and I think I’d have loved it better if I had read the previous novella in the series. Aaron’s definitely attracted to Rex, but he’s been through so much, and he really hates that he’s now a rabbit shifter. To him, this is just another weakness, and shameful. Rex is frustrated that his love is not reciprocated, but he’s steadfast, wholeheartedly supporting Aaron—even when Aaron’s a brat. I liked the banter, and I liked the cautious and careful development of their relationship. Rex is a true romantic, something neither Aaron, nor I, expected.

Aaron’s determined to find and rescue his lost twin and this gives Rex a new mission, one worthy of temporarily leaving his retirement. I enjoyed watching Aaron build new friendships and become an integral part of his strange and wonderful shifter community. I really enjoyed him falling for swoony Rex, whose own lonely life has been hard. Good thing they can now enjoy some peace together…perhaps. I’d expect another book in this series to bring the action, and adventure, back. (Probably with a new lead couple…)

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