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Length: Short Story

Ally never felt like he fit in. When he moved to England, his dark skin and accent made him a constant target with the other kids. Now in college, men notice him and he has plenty of choices available to him.

Ally is not supposed to be in the school physics lab, but he needed a computer. When Ally finds his ex has posted naked and intimate photos of him online, he’s devastated and has no real idea what to do. Ally never expected this level of betrayal. It’s the start of the holiday break and he doesn’t expect anyone to be there, especially Levi. Ally knows Levi doesn’t like him and if Levi sees what Ally has up on the computer screen, his humiliation will be complete.

Levi, with his silver hair and grey eyes, is quiet and shy. When he flees the lab, he drops a love letter written in Spanish and Ally assumes it was a school assignment. When Ally tracks Levi down to return the letter, he realizes that everything he thought about Levi remains untrue. Ally is drawn to Levi on almost every level, but his trust in people has been completely shattered. But Levi sparkles and his skin tastes like warm caramel and maybe Levi has been waiting for Ally all along.

When I think of Suki Fleet, I think beautiful, gorgeous prose and this book is a shining example of that. Her words are imaginative and descriptive and she gets every character’s words and movements exactly right. This is her lightest book yet, and while there are mild overtones of angst, it’s Levi and Ally together that shine through.

Ally is trying to hold it together. He has no contact with any of his family, his computer is broken, he’s picked up extra shifts at the pub he works at, and now he’s filled with anxiety as all of his private moments are available for anyone to see. Levi’s shyness covers him completely, but when Ally focuses his attention on him, he forces himself to take a chance. Ally has always seen something special in Levi and when he realizes Levi might not despise him as he thought, he can’t stop talking, his thoughts race, and he’s cute and funny as his nerves get the best of him.

When Ally confides in Levi, Levi just wants to make everything better, but has no intention of being just a one night stand for Ally. Ally is a good guy at heart and takes it at Levi’s pace and there is lots and lots of kissing and a sensual exploration that showcases Fleet’s talents.

Ally and Levi only spend about two days together and while there were areas I would have enjoyed seeing expanded, this book is the beginning of a new series with these guys. The writing is the draw here as Fleet will make you believe in their love story. Her words are pure magic and deserve all the stars.

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