The Chimera (Bound Gods #1) by Adrienne WilderRating: 5 stars
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Wow. Yes, let me just repeat that as I gather my thoughts. Wow. I’ve just read the first installment in the Bound Gods Series by author Adrienne Wilder: The Chimera. I am still trying to collect my thoughts due to the fact that I just encountered some of the best hard core BDSM wrapped up tightly in a fascinating story line complete with a brand new world to explore. This book is not for the faint of heart. There is true torture, which includes caning, chastity with a distinct twist, and pain—lots of pain and a dash of humiliation thrown in for good measure. However, there is also undeniable attraction, pleasure, and the beginning of what could turn out to be an incredible Master/slave pairing.

Let me recap the story for you before I continue extolling the virtues of this incredible novel. Leo is a god—part chimera (that would be a mythical beast with the head of a lion, a goat head and neck protruding from the middle of its back and a snake for a tale—very charming) and part man. The chimera lives for pain—not its own, but that of its sexual partner. The man attempts to control the beast and tempers it with some compassion—mind you, some—not a great deal. In this post apocalyptic world, Leo works for a man who controls and organizes many gods and they are all beholden to him and what he provides—the best-trained “doxies” around. Kaleb Holten has been turned over to Leo to be trained by him for one year, at which time he will be given the drug known as ambrosia and be handed over to the gods to be used as a sexual drug, which ensures them their long life. Kaleb is naïve, scared, and angry but none of these emotions can keep him from feeling the stirrings of something more than distaste for Leo—in fact, he may come to need Leo more than he ever imagined possible.

To say much more would be to give away precious pieces of this intricate plot and that would be disappointing to say the least because you will want to experience every chapter of this book for yourself. Were there times when this story made me squirm uncomfortably? Oh my, yes there was and there were more occasions when I really wanted Kaleb to escape—to say no and be free, but those were minor when compared to the incredible sense of chemistry that arose between these two characters. Author Adrienne Wilder knits these two together within just a few chapters and sweeps us along on the tumultuous ride they take with each other. I alternately hated and adored Leo—much like Kaleb did. I felt my heart race as I read each chapter with a hunger I rarely experience in these types of novels. This is BDSM at its best and better than that, this is the weaving together of two men who need to endure pain and provide pain in order to feel alive. Simply put, I was mesmerized as I watched their story unfold—and this was just the first two days of a year-long contract. Wow!

The Chimera by Adrienne Wilder is an intriguing story with riveting action that is fast-paced, brutal, tender, and compelling to read. I cannot wait to read the next installment of this amazing series.

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