The wizard and the riverRating: 3.25 stars
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Length: Short Story

Dominion is a traveling wizard returning to his University after completing his graduate trial: solving a magical disturbance out in the world on his own. He stops for a night in a small village where the people appeal to him to end the recent terror in their community. Some being is devouring livestock.

Dominion accepts the challenge, and follows the lead of two urchins to investigate the river. There he encounters Javir, an educated cacaelia—an aquatic being with the torso and head of a human, but many tentacles.

As Dominion uncovers the mystery of the slaughtered animals, he also grows fond of Javir. Expect some delicious tentacle sex.

I liked the story; it’s brief and fun and a great diversion. What I didn’t like were the many grammatical errors/typos I found in the book. It distracted me, and I was frustrated to come across so many in such a short work. That said, I was engaged the entire time, and liked the fairy-tale like setting of this world. It’s a fun, snack-sized fantasy. The ending is sweet, and leaves the door open to more experiences for Dominion and Javir.

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