To Steal His HeartRating: 2 stars
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Length: Novella

Matt Glenn is a thief, but he’s really a businessman. He’ll steal your valuables in the name of protecting them.

On his latest job, Matt gets a new client, a new man, and a rekindled love. Matt is often clueless when it comes to love, even when the men are making their move on him. His newest client, Ben, does just that and Matt finds himself in love in record time. But, there is police lieutenant Jordan who Matt hooked up with two years ago and recently needed to contact again. Their jobs were said to be a conflict of interest, but Jordan has not given up hope of getting Matt back. Yet, he may just be days too late.

Matt has found himself in another dangerous situation as he tries to save the life of a young girl. When he puts those he cares about in danger too, Matt has to decide if he walks away or finally takes a chance on love.

I was intrigued here with the idea of a businessman stealing valuables in the name of keeping them ultimately safe for potential clients. After that particular scenario played out, there was no part of this book that left me intrigued.

Matt has a security business and we’re told he’s the best in his field. His methods, while effective at securing clients, can be seen as suspect. He surrounds himself with colleagues that all fill a role and Matt thrives on the adrenaline and then securing the deal.

We see him through three assignments and it’s on the first one that he meets Ben. Matt has no idea that Ben is into him, although everyone around them can of course see it. So we first jump into Matt’s business and then jump right into his love life. His first date with Ben is completely off page, from them getting into a car together to go to dinner to Matt waking up and declaring that he is in love. Their second date as well is mostly off page. Other than being told they were together physically, there was nothing else shown, or told, of how they were connecting with each other.

Then there is Jordan. Matt has to contact Jordan regarding a work assignment. Matt keeps coming back to when he and Jordan broke up, but the best explanation offered was that they had one night together. I think, maybe, the author was trying to set up a love triangle here, but neither Jordan nor Ben was stepping up for Matt and Matt would state he was in love with both men and then push them both away, but there was no relationship development anywhere.

Matt gets drawn into a case that is not his area of expertise and then there is a shift and the story is bouncing between a kidnapping, the mob, Matt’s business, and his love life. The story is not about getting to know Matt or any of his history, as the focus is on his current state. There is more focus on the cases, which did not hold my interest due to how they were presented, but then the impact was focused on these relationships with Ben and Jordan and the whole thing of it was unbalanced. The story started going everywhere, but then would up nowhere.

There was not a romance shown here so I wouldn’t recommend it for that and the action sequences were not intriguing either, so my overall recommendation would be to take a pass on this one.

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