Unexpected HeatRating: 3.5 stars
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Length: Novella

Peter lives a quiet life and spends a lot of time working as a computer programmer. But every year around his birthday he feels an out of control need to find as many guys as it takes to soothe the heat that consumes him. Peter has no idea why this happens and it has just become part of his life.

Nitro is a solitary wolf shifter that has lived in the woods for the past 100 years. Once a year, his heat draws him out to the city with an urge to mate. The noisy city is the last place he wants to be, but a few days is all he needs. Peter and Nitro come together in a clash of scent and want and need and the men are crazy from the heat. But something unexpected takes place and Nitro promptly freaks and runs.

Weeks later and Peter is too sick to get out of bed. A surprise visit from Nitro turns Peter’s world upside down as Nitro is trying to explain to Peter that he is…of all things…pregnant. Peter is certain that Nitro is unhinged and plans his escape. But Peter can’t get too far in his weakened condition and besides Nitro can easily track him. When Peter is attacked, he can’t believe his eyes as Nitro shifts into a ferocious wolf right in front of him. Peter has no choice but to believe, but there is way more for Peter to uncover about himself and Nitro and being an Omega puts him in definitive danger.

I haven’t read much mpreg at all and the start to this book was fun and heated. Because with both Peter and Nitro on the prowl, it is all about the heat. Peter is a quiet guy and basically blends into the background until the same time every year where he clearly can break out of his shell. Nitro has been living on his own for years, away from his pack, as he was betrayed by his very own brother. So when these guys meet, they don’t even realize they have been stalking each other and are just feeling crazy as they instinctively assume their roles and are basically clawing at each other. Although Nitro realizes exactly what has taken place, Peter is clueless.

It was well done as Peter falls ill and then Nitro shows up. Nitro is full of regret that he left Peter on his own and has to come to claim his mate. It was great to see Peter not believing Nitro at first as he’s talking about pregnancy and shifters and Peter’s thoughts are that he allowed a man who was unbalanced into his home and plots his escape.

As things progress, Peter has no choice but to believe Nitro as the proof stands in front of him and within himself and it was well paced. Then things took a turn for me. There is a side story involving Nitro’s violent, twin brother that needed further exploration as well as a mysterious witch that suddenly appears. Peter’s disappearance from his every day life is explained in some areas and not in others and it wasn’t clear how they were going to make this work in the outside world. Nitro called Peter his “male” a few times too many and there were also a number of typos that were easily seen, as well as the wrong word or the wrong form of a word used several times.

I am not one to talk percentages in a book, but it’s worth a mention here, as the book ended at 78%. It’s not so much the number itself, since if a story reaches its conclusion it’s finished, but I was expecting more and the ending was more abrupt. The rest of the book then offers the first three chapters for the next book in the series.

Being not well versed within the world of mpreg,  a good portion of the book was simply entertaining for me and I can’t speak to how well it would hold up comparatively. While there were areas I would have liked to have seen expanded further, the core couple of Nitro and Peter was a good match, and the book was a quick read with some fun, some heat, and some unexpected news for Peter.


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