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small favorite booksHi everyone! Today we are back with another of our Favorites Lists, this time for our favorite audiobook narrators. Our Favorites Lists highlight books we love in a specific theme or genre, and I thought it would be fun to focus on audiobooks as we have lots of fans here. We write our audio reviews as traditional book reviews, with an audio portion added on at the end. So hopefully they will provide great information for both potential readers and listeners.

For you audio fans, I have compiled a list of our top rated narrators. If you click on any of these names, it will take you to a list of all the reviews featuring that narrator. As I’m sure you know, a good narrator can really make a book, and create an experience that enhances the written word. The folks have proven to provide really great listening experiences.

And if you want to check out all of our audiobook reviews, you can find them here. You can also check out my personal favorites, as well as some top recommendations from each in this post.

If you have any of your own favorites, please share them below!

Last Updated 11/21/17


  1. Brianna Kadet says:

    I was a huge fan of Todd Smith narrating the book, Dance, by Teodora Kostova.

  2. Sadonna says:

    Great list! Just discovered Seth Clayton who narrated A Kind of Truth by Lane Hayes. Really liked his performance.

  3. Marsha Spence says:

    Sean Crisden & Tristan James

  4. Steve Leonard says:

    I LOVE Robert Nieman! He narrates ‘In the Middle of Somewhere’ (Roan Parrish) and ‘Clear Water’ (Amy Lane), among others. I’d listen to him read the phonebook. Oh, and Derrick McClain!

  5. JF Harding is my new favorite narrator.  I love the Kage series and the final Cut & Run books.

  6. Wade Kelly says:

    Gomez Pugh

  7. Wade Kelly says:

    He did most of Jordan Castillo Price’s books of not all. Love him. And the narrator who did Simon and the Homosapian’s Agenda. He was great.

  8. K.C. Kelly has done an amazing job narrating some of my books as well as other people’s. And I’m a huge fan of Gomez Pugh’s.

  9. Tyra Berger says:

    Love your list, but my all time favorite is still Jim Dale.

  10. Sean Crisden

  11. Ardent Ereader says:

    A few more favorite narrators of MM books to add to the list:
    Nicholas Boulton – narrated Glitterland. Absolutely awesome and fabulous! Jack LeFleur narrated A reason to believe and Dark Edge of Honor, great sexy voice, Jospeh Northton -narrated Shattered Glass

    I also listen to mysteries and a few of my favorite (British/Irish accented) narrators include Simon Prebble, Gerard Doyle, Simon Vance.

    Often If I find a narrator I like I will search to see what else they have narrated and pick that book.

    • Ardent Ereader says:

      Oh, missed that you already had Joseph Northton on your list.

    • Oh yes, I do the same thing. Which is why I have listened to so much Paul Morey, lol. And yep, loved Shattered Glass. The audio is AMAZING. I hadn’t read the book and Northton totally brings Peter and Austin to life. And Peter’s accent! Dies of the sexiness!

  12. Michael Stellman, Iggy, and Greg are some of my faves. Chris Patton knocks the Adrien English series out of the ballpark with his narration. Tristan James is great as the narrator of the Sinners series by Rhys Ford, the Marshalls series by Mary Calmes and Toronto Tales by KC Burn. I also love Michael Ferraiuolo and Seth Clayton who have both moved me with the way they emote. Joel Leslie is a master of creating multiple accents so that each and every character seems to have their own unique voice. 😀

    • I always hate leaving people out. 😉 I have to add Gomez Pugh who has narrated the Psycop series, Julian G Simmons who narrated Whyborne and Griffin series, and Brad Langer who narrated Boystown: Nick Nowak mysteries and Spectr series. They aren’t the most conventional voices but they have definitely made the characters their own. Sean Crisden is great too.

      • Oh yes! I listened to only one W&G book which is the only reason I didn’t add Julian Simmons but I thought he was great! And I keep hearing good things about Gomez Pugh!

    • All great recommendations! A bunch of them are on our list but I’ll have to check out the others! Thanks!

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