Today I am so pleased to welcome A.M. Arthur to Joyfully Jay. A.M. has come to talk to us about her latest release, Body Rocks. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

Body Rocking It

Hey, all! I’m so happy to be back here at Joyfully Jay to celebrate the release of my very first rock star romance, Body Rocks. Book one in my brand-new Off Beat series, this summertime romance between violin prodigy Dominic Bounds and front man Trey Cooper really heats up when they discover their respective bands will be rivals in an upcoming music festival.

To help set the tone for Body Rocks, I thought I’d provide a playlist of the songs “played” or referenced throughout the book. That way you can have your iPod ready when you start to read.

1. “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé; “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift; “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars. This trio of songs is how Dominic first seduces Trey with his violin.

2. “Whataya Want From Me?” by Adam Lambert. Dominic and Trey’s first duet.

3. “Mona Lisa” by The All-American Rejects. Their second duet.

4. “Calling All Angels” by kd lang. A special song Dominic likes to hum when his anxiety gets the better of him.

5. “Wide Awake” by Katy Perry; “Marry You” by Bruno Mars. Trey’s band, Fading Daze, gives a very special performance.

6. “Battle Born” by Five Finger Death Punch. One of XYZ’s performance songs.

7. “See You Again” by Charlie Puth, with Wiz Khalifa. Impromptu jam session between rival bands.

8. “Disarm” by Smashing Pumpkins. Chosen by Dominic for a very special reason.

9. “My Immortal” by Evanescence. Dominic and Trey’s signature song.

10. “My Immortal” performed by Lindsey Stirling. YouTube this. Right now.


Body-Rocks-A.M.-ArthurEverything is finally falling into place for Trey Cooper: his band has been accepted into one of the biggest music competitions in the country…too bad their drummer just quit to play with XYZ, their biggest rival. When Trey has a mind-blowingly hot hookup with a mysterious violinist, Trey definitely plans to see him again – just not on stage as a member of XYZ.

Dominic Bounds’ time to make his musical dreams come true is running out. If something doesn’t happen fast, he has to head home to find a real job. This competition is his last chance, and Dom needs to come out on top – but he never expected to fall for his rival. As Dom and Trey risk everything to begin a secret affair, there’s no denying their chemistry is off the charts – but could their band rivalry turn their romance into a one-hit wonder?

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A. M. Arthur is the author of several Amazon bestselling e-book series including Perspectives and The Restoration. When she’s not writing or working at a home furnishing store, she can be found making jewelry and painting ceramics. She lives in Eastern Shore Maryland with her best friend and one slightly neurotic cat. Visit her online at

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