Hi gang! So I thought I’d throw something new at you all today (hey, perk of running a blog is that you can make stuff up as you go, right?). So, once the reviewing bug hits you, it is hard to turn it off. And every once in a while I encounter something that I want to talk about and don’t know where to share it. And then I remembered I have my own blog, lol, and I figured why the heck not? So today I am bringing you the first of a periodic feature on the blog I’m calling Random Reviews. Which basically means reviews of stuff that has nothing to do with gay romance land.

So for my first installment, I wanted to share my review for the Bakery 16 subscription box. [ETA: This box is now known as Max Box] I’ll admit I am kind of late to get on the subscription box craze. I do actually get a snack subscription box (more on that another day), but I have barely dipped my toes into the enormous ocean that is the world of subscription boxes. You can find them for everything — snacks, beauty products, crafts, kids activities, etc. Basically you sign up, and typically once a month you get a surprise box of something in the mail. I see them a lot when browsing Instagram, and one day I stumbled upon a post about the Bakery 16 subscription box. It was promoted as “Baked Goods, Snacks, Stationary, Cosmetics… Why Choose? With The Bakery 16 Box you get a Little Bit of Everything!” And hey, I like all those things! And I love getting packages in the mail. I even get excited when it is just stupid stuff I ordered from Amazon, because hello, Prime!(At the end of the post are more details on ordering and a coupon code if anyone is interested.)

This was only the second month of this box’s subscription service, but the first box in May looked pretty good. It included things like caramels and popcorn, EOS lotion, and a cute craft. I really liked the fact that it isn’t all one thing, as so many boxes are very specific. I don’t need boxes and boxes of makeup samples, or whatever. I also liked that the owner seems to be making an effort to get unique stuff from small companies and not all just things I could stumble upon at any store. And the price was good, $22 a box. Not pocket change, but not breaking the bank if it turned out not to be stuff I liked. So I decided to give it a go.

So here is my June box. It came nicely packaged (the matching pink duct tape holding it closed was a nice touch).

bakery 16 box

Here is how the box showed up


bakery 16 box

And here is the inside


And here is all the stuff unpacked:

bakery 16 box

All the loot


Ok, so here is detail on what everything is. First thing I grabbed was the little jams and honey. Per the card that came in the box, the honey is Z’s Bees Raw Honey and the jam is from The Jam Stand’s Jam. The jams were Drunken Monkey (sugar coated bananas, a spash of rum and a dash of lime) and Sriracha Jam (Sriracha and peach). OMG, you had me at bananas and rum. The Drunken Monkey jam was amazeballs. I could have eaten it right from the jar with a spoon. I am seriously considering buying some in a big size. Just the right mix of sweet with a bit of tangy from the lime. So yummy. The sriracha was good, but didn’t blow me away as much as the other. I couldn’t taste the peach as much as I wanted, but it was a nice mix of sweet and spicy. I bet it would be delish on a bagel with cream cheese. And the honey is cute. I haven’t tasted it yet, so I have no idea if there is anything special about this particular honey, but hey, I can always use it and it goes as a nice set with the jam. And who doesn’t like a little bear shaped honey bottle?

bakery 16 box

OMG the jam!


The box also included a Kuhdoo’s Honey Oatmeal Soap bar (keeping with the honey theme I guess). I tried this the other day and liked it. I like homemade soaps but I am not a big fan of the strong smells they often have, so I liked that this one was pretty low key. The smell is kind of odd. I can’t think how to describe it to you, but distinct. But not offensive and mostly neutral. I liked the little scratchy bits in the soap that helped exfoliate. I also appreciate that it came sealed in a bag so the soap wouldn’t get gross in the box. So another fun item that I will use.

kuhdoo soap

Kuhdoo’s Honey Oatmeal Soap


Next up was the Bambooee Reusable Paper Towel (“from Shark Tank”). This wasn’t one that really thrilled me or anything. I mean, it is not something I would have bought myself. But at least it is something I can actually use (and did!). It is basically a thick cloth that you can use instead of paper towels. It rinses out in the sink and can even go in the wash. Since we tend to use gobs of paper towels in my house, I like having something else to use to wipe up counters or whatever that doesn’t get thrown away. So not as exciting as some of the other stuff, but useful and it is now hanging by my sink.

Bakery 16 box

Bambooee reusable paper towel


The craft this month was a nail polish painted mug. Basically you take the nail polish, drop some in water, and then dip the mug in for kind of a swirly paint job. Another item I was jumping around for, but as crafts go, not a bad choice because at least it is something I can use. I think it needs some sort of sealant to really make this work, as I can’t imagine how the first time you wash it, even by hand, some of the polish isn’t going to come off. But hey, a mug is a mug. And my 15-year-old daughter went crazy for it. She watches all those youtube craft videos so she was so excited to try it (she told me when she grows up and has a house all her mugs will be nail polish decorated, lol). So clearly it was a winner for her. Again, I appreciated the attention to detail in the packaging here. The mug came wrapped in bubble wrap with the nail polish in its own ziplock bag secured inside the mug to prevent breakage and shipping disasters. It came with instructions on how to make the mug and even a little toothpick to use. So overall I thought this was nicely done.

bakery 16 box

Nail polish and mug craft


The box also came with two coupons for products not actually included. One was for an Etsy shop that makes jewelry that replaces bullets with crystals, and the other was for an Etsy t-shirt maker. I checked them both out and neither really appealed to my style. While the coupons are nice, they are mostly an ad for the seller and not as much of a “gift” for the buyer, but still a nice touch and would have been great if either one was something I was into.

So I hoped you enjoyed my first Random Review! I had a couple of questions about the box after I posted the pics on Instagram, so I figured I’d include a little more detail here. If anyone is interested in ordering their own, you can subscribe at https://maxbox.cratejoy.com. They gave me a coupon code to share that will give you all your first box for $16. Use code JayHJay to get the discount.

Thanks for bearing with me and hope you all enjoyed the first installment of Random Reviews!

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