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Note: While this review for Season Five of Boystown is spoiler free, all of the seasons are directly linked to each other and this review may then contain spoilers for previous seasons.

Previously on Boystown…as Season Four wrapped up, many characters were left in peril. From Ben congratulating himself on rigging the plane of Boystown residents to go down, to Cole and Dustin fighting on the balcony with one of them going over, to Joyelle getting some surprising paternity news, to Cole and Jensen being run down on the street, there were many storylines waiting answers.

One night changes many lives as the book opens to chaos with injuries and fatalities from a plane crash, a hit and run, and a shooting. But the drama doesn’t stop there as Camille Ciancio arrives and she is determined to keep the feud between the Mancini and Ciancio families alive and well with Rachel running wild in the mix. Logan is still struggling with his demons and his drinking while Emmett is once again left heartbroken. With new relationships forming, old lovers reuniting, heartbreak, betrayal, loss, obsession, lust, and love, there is never a dull moment and for every win there is a loss as the stakes keep getting higher in the heart of Boystown.

Jake Biondi keeps the tension and all of the drama at an all time high in this season of Boystown. This season has more…more drama, more sex, more death, and more of the characters that you will love, as well as love to hate.

Season Five hits the characters with some real losses and you never know who will be in harm’s way or who will be spared. Biondi keeps the continuity going right through this entire season. There are so many characters and so much action, but it’s a true credit that Biondi keeps everything flowing smoothly and all the characters’ pasts remain consistent. Since every storyline has the word spoiler attached to it, let’s go to the highlights.

Emmett and Max have been a constant fixture since the beginning and Emmett just can’t get a break and seems constantly destined for heartbreak. Camille, Marco and Gino’s aunt, is power hungry and manipulative, while Rachel is constantly seeking payback with no end game in sight. Marco and Gino have tried to work together, but so many forces keep them at odds, including Gino being engaged to a Mancini, and they are just one misunderstanding away from catastrophe. With Joyelle and Jacqueline, Michael and Keith, Derek and Cole, Jensen and Hugo, Mateo, as well as several newcomers, there is a dramatic moment waiting for each and every character.

The revolving door of bed partners increases this season, which in this series is the way it goes and completely fits the style and ramps up the intrigue. It is called out often that many of the characters are not using protection and while I get that it’s the soap style, on that end of things, for as quickly as the partners were changing, it did become a little much. There was a little fire missing from some of the characters’ reactions as the drama becomes the focus and the emotions not so much at times as some things were too easily forgiven or side stepped. Some of the wording in the intimate scenes became repetitive and some transitions were smoother than others. There were a few areas that needed just a bit more detail as it became a balance of trying to show the scene through words without completely tipping the characters’ motivations ahead of time. Most of this is relatively minor for this is a series where the saying about the whole being greater than the sum of its parts is entirely true. Biondi certainly deserves applause for not only tying this season together, but pulling the entire series together book after book is no small feat.

This entire season is a throwback to the nighttime dramas of the past with influences seen from many popular shows. It doesn’t even matter that I have seen some of the scenarios previously and that there is nothing all so new here or never been done before, it’s just a good time and that’s just one of the many reasons this season is a total win. Expect back stabbing, cheating, over the top and high stakes storylines, dramatic dialogue, addictions, suicide attempts, and murder. While other books would have all the trigger warnings these characters just get everything thrown at them and here it all makes for sensational and powerful entertainment. The ending, well of course, it’s a cliffhanger done in high style and now the waiting begins once again for the next season. If you are on the lookout for drama, drama, and more drama with a soap-style feel, this is certainly the series to read.

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