Grudge (Operation Wasteland #2)Rating: 3 stars
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Length: Novella

This second story in the Operation Wasteland series begins a week after Preston and Randy left the wasteland Preston has been living in. After a week of traveling, they’ve reached the promised land of Ailton City where food, water, and medication are said to be aplenty. They hope to find out why Operation Wasteland was ended by the military. After receiving what couldn’t be considered the warmest of welcomes, Preston realizes that the promised land is just as barren as the wasteland and that someone is awaiting his arrival. Preston realizes that everything he’s known for the last four years was based on deception. Can he succumb to the ghost of an ex-lover come back to haunt him? Will the military destroy Randy for disobeying orders?

This book is not a standalone and must be read in order. As it had been a few months since I read the first book in the series, I found that I had to go back and re-read the first in order to feel as if I remembered enough of what had happened in order to understand what was going on in this one.

The author does a great job describing the post-apocalyptic world. For the non sci-fi reader, I had no difficulties believing what was going on, who the characters were, or the world that they were living in.

In this installment, Randy and Preston arrive in Ailton where they hope that Preston will be allowed in and will get some answers as to why Operation Wasteland was scrapped. In addition to Randy and Preston, we are introduced to a new character, Leyton, who happened to be Preston’s lover and former leader of the clan. Despite Preston’s anger at his former lover, he knows Leyton literally holds Randy’s life in his hands.

While the plot was intriguing and the sexy scenes are spicy, I had many of the same issues I had with the first book in the series in that I never really felt the connection with the characters. They each play a role, but they come across as two-dimensional rather than three-dimensional.

Overall, while I thought the plot was intriguing, I struggled with the delivery. If you are like me and was waiting for second in this series, you might want to check this one out – though I will warn you that it ends with another cliffhanger!

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