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Ethan Daniels is the host of a popular conservative cable news program. Recently divorced, he took the job in order to be near his daughter despite his reservations of working for a company that forces him to hide who he truly is, especially if he wants his contract renewed. When rumors of a college encounter come to light, the company presses him to start dating a woman to put those rumors to rest. A bisexual man, he’s never acted on those urges…until he meets Charlie Woods.

Charlie is a first grade teacher, who happens to have Ethan’s daughter in his class. He doesn’t do relationships, preferring hookups that keep him free from emotional entanglements. Hooking up with a closeted celebrity seems like the perfect arrangement…except he wasn’t expecting for fall in love.

Love is a complication neither Ethan nor Charlie needs. As the two navigate their new relationship, they must begin to deal with the consequences of their actions.

This is a politically motivated story. After Ethan and his ex-wife divorced, Ethan made a deal with the devil in order to stay an active parent in his daughter’s life. Working for a conservative news network, Ethan is paid a lot of money to push the propaganda of the right wing. When an event that occurred in college becomes the fodder for the rumor mill, Ethan’s sexuality is questioned. With his contract up for renewal, his bosses are pushing for him to get back in the saddle again and start dating women to put the rumors to rest. While Ethan uses the excuse that he isn’t ready for another relationship, the truth of the matter is that he is a deeply closeted bisexual man who is beginning to question himself after he finds himself attracted to his daughter’s teacher.

Charlie doesn’t date. He prefers the anonymous hookups he gets of his phone’s apps. When he meets Ethan, he thinks he would be the perfect man to have some fun without any strings attached – especially considering that Ethan’s job is to spout out the conservative view that conflict with Charlie’s values.

The secondary characters in this story include Charlie’s friends, Ethan’s co-workers, and Ethan’s ex-wife. I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised Deirdre became one of my favorite characters! While Ethan and Deirdre may have their differences, there was still a strong bond between them.

Despite Ethan’s lack of sexual experience, he proves to be an eager student! The sexy times between these two are on the spicy side.

One of my issues with this story was that much of the “dating” was off page. This made the story into one where it was more told than shown and I felt disconnected to the characters. I wasn’t feeling them falling in love.

Another issue I had was this whole political bashing that was going on. I get that Ethan’s circumstances forced him to take a job where he felt he needed to suppress his values. Maybe I am just politically exhausted with this election season going on. It just felt like the politics took center stage and the romance was secondary.

Overall, this was a fairly decent read. If you like politically based stories, you might want to check this one out.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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