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Cameron Sherwood was seventh generation military…NCIS in fact. One terrible event changed his life forever. He left the military, thus infuriating and alienating his father. Now, Cam owns a shop dedicated to all things cat…cat toys, cat clothing, cat trees, and most of all, his homemade tuna treats. Aside from not having a boyfriend, Cam’s pretty happy…until he goes to the home of a client to take care of her cat while she’s away and finds her dead, and poor Mr. Muffin Tops hurt.

Sheriff Jake O’Neil is a little on the gruff side, and when he meets Cam at the crime scene, he’s not happy with him at all. Not only is Cam traipsing all over the apartment, he’s taken Mr. Muffin Tops to the vet, and Jake considered the poor kitty to be evidence. Also, not aware of Cam’s history, Jake dismisses Cam’s opinions.

Jake’s angry. Cam’s angry, and to top it all off, Cam’s meddling sister has set him up on a blind date, and he’s totally not interested. Now, the two men have to work together to figure out who killed Ms. Welch and put the bad guys away.

I’m not going to give you much more! I so enjoyed this book. It was fun, sweet, sexy, and it had a damn good mystery thrown in. Cam and Jake were adorable. I love when the MCs start out on the wrong foot. I’m sure you can guess who Cam’s sister set him up with on that fateful blind date, and it was exactly the kind of “meet cute” (even though they’d already met) that sets me up for a happy reading experience.

Murder Most Yowl is not a long book, so things start moving rather quickly. Not only do we have Cam and Jake’s fledgling romance, but we still need to figure out who killed Ms. Welch and left Mr. Muffin Tops an orphan. I have to say, I love a good mystery. Lots of times in a story like this, it’s the romance that comes first. However, there is a nice balance here. Our guys are falling for each other as they try to piece together the whodunit. Also, Quinn Dressler paced the details so that we’re not overwhelmed by them. I usually can guess what’s about to happen, and I was pleasantly surprised when I wasn’t able to figure it all out until it was time for the reveal.

As I mentioned, the story moves quickly, so Cam and Jake fall pretty fast. That’s not a bad thing. Once they decide they can get along, they become so flirty I nearly passed out from the cute. When they finally come together it’s almost desperate. These men need each other almost as much as breath.

I’m not going to give any spoilers about who did the dirty deed. I couldn’t give it justice with a quick summary. I will say it’s well planned, well written, and satisfying at the end. There are layers to peel away to get to the murderer and their reasoning. The characters are strong and they fit together as well as the rest of the puzzle getting to the end.

Seriously, you should read this book. I chose it because I love cats, and I love men who love cats. Cam and Jake were a nice surprise. I am hoping Quinn Dressler will give me more stories with them as the stars. I’d jump on them right away.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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