Reaping Fate (Reaping Havoc #2) by A.J. RoseRating: 5 stars
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What if you knew a secret about someone–a deadly secret and telling it would mean saving lives? But what if in telling that secret you revealed something about yourself that could mean the end of everything you love? Nate Koehn and Mitch Seeker have a secret—they are grim reapers and in their return appearance in book two of A.J. Rose’s Reaping Havoc series, they stumble upon someone so inherently evil and psychotic that Nate is willing to cross the line and possibly destroy the future he has with Mitch. You see hikers are disappearing and when Mitch witnesses one of his clients being murdered, he and Nate realize they have stumbled upon a potential serial killer. The problem is they cannot tell anyone about it or risk exposing who they really are. Now, against Mitch’s warnings to leave it all alone, Nate is determined to bring the killer to justice and as one coincidental disaster hits Mitch and Nate time and again, they both realize time may be running out.

With her latest novel, Reaping Fate, author A.J. Rose revisits her reaping couple Mitch and Nate in a taut, action-packed thriller that is certain to keep you up nights. Her boys may be immortal, but they are more than capable of feeling pain and being drawn into events that have bone-chilling consequences. There were times when my heart was in my throat and one scene in particular made me more than a little bit squeamish, however, it was so well done that I cannot imagine the novel without it. Here is the first thing you should know about this book—this author writes suspense like no other. It is alternately terrifying to read and compellingly exciting to experience. I was on the edge of my seat so many times with this book. The anger and frustration that Nate feels became my own. With adept care, the story involving these two men raced along and with each step we grew more aware of the depth of the characters and the strength of the plot. Rose can weave a story like no other.

It was exciting to learn more about the reaping world, along with meeting others who were in it. In this second installment, we begin to realize that the character of Death uses some fairly frighteningly evil people to accomplish the end result he wants—reaping of souls. This story also explores and tests the strength of Nate and Mitch’s relationship on a whole new level. It also begs the question of how much free will a reaper actually has as opposed to him merely being the companion that ushers the dead onto the next realm. There were so many nuances revealed about how far a reaper can go before his or her actions have catastrophic repercussions on future generations. All this, plus the gorgeous moments of intimacy between Nate and Mitch that revealed much about their relationship and how they loved each other.

The danger in creating a series is how to keep it fresh—how to make sure the characters continue to grow and develop along with exploring new twists and turns in an established plot point that is the root of the story itself. In this case, Reaping Fate is a new and exciting chapter in the ongoing revelation of human reapers who walk among us every day. Rose not only continues to wow us with her superlative story telling, she also manages to keep this story line fresh, further evolve her characters and make them even more interesting and delineate this fascinating race of supernatural beings for us to enjoy.

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