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Length: Novella

Dancer Pate Finley always knew he needed a Plan B. So when an injury ends his dancing career, he puts it in place. Back in his hometown of Atlanta, Pate buys a fantastic old warehouse to convert into a dance studio. And when the first contractor shows up, Pate is taken aback by the man’s gorgeousness.

Ace Samson is an art student turned contractor, and he gets Pate’s vision for the space right away. Pate knows that barring anything awful, he’ll go with Ace’s bid, even if working with the man over two months is going to try his patience. There’s no doubt he’s attracted to Ace, but Pate knows mixing business with pleasure is not a good thing.

Neither man can deny their attraction, though. And when Ace shows off his romantic side, Pate gives in easily. But just as the two men are getting things going, Pate has an opportunity back in New York. Heading back for the weekend reminds him how much he loves the city. And this is an opportunity to stay relevant and known in the theater world, which is his first love. But his life and heart are now entangled up in the studio. And in Ace. Pate needs to figure out what he wants, or he just might lose it all.

Sweeping romance. Low angst. Man-buns. What more could you want? Shae Connor’s new short novella hits all the right notes. I was absorbed from the very first page, falling into this journey with Pate as he heals from his injury and embarks on a new life for himself.

Pate is incredibly engaging, and I loved his attitude from the start. He knows himself well, and he lets us see just where his head is at. He is coping fairly well with his injury, several months into recovery, and he is just so believable. I liked that he was so well balanced. He isn’t bitter about what has happened, though he still has some moments of sadness. And he’s embracing his new status and new goals in life. I adored him from the very beginning.

When Ace stepped on the page, his chemistry with Pate was electric. Though the story is only told from Pate’s POV, we get a great sense of Ace too. There are no secrets here, and Ace is open and honest about what he feels. When he made a move, it was just so him that I found myself grinning. There was something about Ace that I just loved. He’s sweet and a little shy, but also confident and sure, especially when it comes to his job. And together, he and Pate set the page on fire. There is no doubt that they work, and I loved feeling that sense when seeing these guys interact.

I’ll admit to having just a little bit of trouble with the pacing at some parts around the 1/3 mark as it seemed just ever so slightly repetitive. The guys have dinner together a couple of times, and Ace gives Pate an update on the job, and I would have liked to see something a little bit different happening to move things along a bit more. But it wasn’t that big of a an issue, just something worth a mention.

Honestly, this story is all kinds of wonderful. Two engaging, lovely characters, a miscommunication that is resolved quickly and believably, sweeping romance, and an all around feel good tale. If you’re looking for a well written, lovely romantic story of two guys falling in love, then this is definitely the story for you.

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