Street Magic by Raven de HartRating: 2.75 stars
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Length: Novella

Axel is a magician in a contemporary society. Though it is forbidden by the laws of his world to reveal his magic to mundanes,” Axel performs on the streets to amuse himself and make money. The public just believes that he is a skilled illusionist and a fake, when really the magic is in his blood, part of who he is.

Axel particularly enjoys visiting the corner by a certain tattoo parlor. Not because the people there are richer, or more respondent, but because he is infatuated with the tattooist, Nick.

When Nick asks Axel out for a drink, Axel is surprised but accepts and the two men share their first kiss. On returning to his apartment, Axel’s elation turns to fear when he and Nick are threatened by Wilheim, a Magister. Axel realizes that he must reveal the truth of who he is to Nick so they can save themselves.

For me, Street Magic fell short of my expectations. There was little to inspire me about Raven de Hart’s simple storytelling and there were too many similarities to other well-known novels in which a paranormal being falls in love with a human.

I think engaging with characters is an important aspect for the readers, but in Street Magic de Hart gives us little to no background knowledge about Axel and Nick and the motives that drive them. Neither Axel nor Nick are strong characters, but I read on hoping the author would solidify their personalities. Ironically, the character I felt I knew the most about was Wilheim, the villain.

I like some explicit content in books, but usually only when the sex is an organic part of the plot. In Street Magic I found myself skimming through the sex scenes because they felt simply there, with no purpose. At one point, Axel and Nick are hiding in a safe place from Wilheim. They are fearful and haven’t eaten for days, but yet they find the energy for sex!

More positively I liked the pure evilness of Wilheim and the suspense of Street Magic‘s final chapter, with the dual of good versus evil.

Street Magic is a quick read with a fairy-tale ending, but unfortunately I feel unable to honestly recommend it to other readers.

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