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Justin has temporarily relocated to Virginia, although not quite by choice. He’s helping to care for his father who has lung cancer and is all of a sudden trying to figure out where he fits in. Justin has recently learned that he has older siblings he never knew about and his father is trying to reunite his family after walking out on them years ago. When Justin needs a night to forget everything, he hooks up with a gorgeous man, who then runs leaving Justin with only a first name.

Drew is shocked to see his club hookup standing in his brother Jacob’s home. The same hookup that turns out to be his sister-in-law’s newly found brother. Drew and his brother have never gotten along and getting together with Justin would be just one more strike against him. Also, while Drew has always known that he is bisexual, his one attempt at kissing a guy ended badly, and no one else knows he’s attracted to men.

Justin’s world is falling apart around him and the only place he can find any comfort is with Drew. The men can’t seem to stay apart and aren’t even trying, but with so much going on, Justin is not sure he can trust his feelings. He also knows he has to return home, but maybe life with Drew is where home really is now.

Test Drive is the third book in the Crossroads series and follows on the heels of Shifting Gears. For the best continuity and reading experience, I would suggest having at least read that second book. The prologue overlaps the time frame of Shifting Gears and when Justin and Drew meet, the heat is on.

Previously, Justin not only found out his father was dying of cancer, but that he had two siblings that he never knew about. His emotions are all over the place and he tries to take care of father, is mad at his father for lying to him, and then feels guilty about it all. He simultaneously wants his father to reconcile with his other children, but also wants to keep his father to himself in his last days.

Drew is the one person that Justin grows to think of as his. Drew is all in with starting a relationship with Justin and understands exactly where Justin is in life and what he needs. These guys just work well together, have amazing chemistry, and have fun together while falling in love. But Drew knows that Justin is planning on returning home to another state and Justin can’t sort out his feelings with everything else going on his life.

This book and this series have a lot of family moments. There are scenes with Justin’s father in his final days and Hart shows the emotion of losing a parent, but the sadness doesn’t overwhelm the story. Drew also has family issues with choosing a different career path than his father and his brother, Jacob, as well as never having gotten along with Jacob. There wasn’t enough information on Drew’s relationship with his parents and it seemed an all of a sudden easy fix for him and Jacob after a lifetime of not getting along and it detracted from the overall story for me.

This book has a steady, even pace with no surprises. There is family drama with plenty of hurt as well as plenty of comfort to be found. Justin and Drew are a great couple and fill the pages with flirting, dirty talk, and loads of chemistry. Hart also continues to gets the HEA right every time. The ending sets up the scenario for the next book and while it wasn’t an overly smooth transition, I’ll be ready for more.

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