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Length: Novella

Ryan Elliot has a crush on the lead singer of a metal band. When he gets the opportunity to see the band in concert, he is thrilled. Yet, when the lead singer nearly kisses him, Ryan falls head over heels. When Ryan runs into him later at the bar and ends up with a hangover and a phone number, Ryan can’t believe his luck.

Bradley May is the lead singer of the American metal band Time of Death. Wanted by men and women, he can have anyone, except he hasn’t come out to his friends, family, or the public. After meeting Ryan, Brad hopes that Ryan will use the phone number he left him with.

As the two spend a night of steamy passion, they enter into a whirlwind romance. Yet, when the band has to head back to the States, can Brad convince Ryan to follow?

Who hasn’t had a crush on a rock star? I swear those men are so irresistible and sexy! With women throwing their panties at them, it isn’t hard to imagine that gay men would find those bad boys just as attractive.

This story is told through Ryan’s POV. As he lays in bed admiring the love of his life, he reflects back on how the two fell in love…with a little help from his best friend, Nicole. Nicole introduces Ryan to the music of the heavy metal band Time of Death and Ryan finds himself crushing on the lead singer. When the band comes around for a concert, Nicole is the one who helps Ryan look fabulous – so fabulous that in a crowded concert hall he manages to catch Brad’s eye. As the two engage in a whirlwind romance, the clock is ticking for Brad to head back to America – except he doesn’t want to go without Ryan – and Ryan isn’t sure if he is ready to take that kind of chance.

The sex scenes between these two are erotica at its finest. Brad just reeks of sex and Ryan just wants to eat him up! While Brad may be living in a closet, he loses all his inhibitions in the bedroom!

My one complaint is that I really didn’t want the story to end. I wanted to see more of the romance between these two, but that is one of the hazards of reading a novella – you can only get a taste.

For a novella, this one was pretty good. It had a decent story line, a lot of hot sex, and a happily ever after that left me feeling satisfied even though I wished it had been longer. I highly recommend.

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