TheArtofLovingRating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novella

Asa has loved Theo since art school, but it’s caused him such heartbreak because Theo was in love with their other friend, Oliver. It became to much, he moved from London back to his home town of Glasgow, and began a thriving eco friendly furniture design business.

At Oliver’s wedding, Asa is half expecting Theo not to show up, but he’s still surprised and a little angry, continually texting him wondering where he is. Finally, he gets a call from a nurse at a local hospital. Theo had been in an accident and has a broken leg and a disjointed shoulder. Asa runs from the wedding to Theo’s side.

Asa is determined to take care of Theo, even if it means risking his heart all over again. Asa suggests Theo come home to Glasgow with him, and Theo enthusiastically agrees. Once they get there, Asa indeed finds himself falling for Theo, but it may be different this time around.

This is a great story! I enjoyed everything about it. Asa was so sweet. He’s a man who feels deeply and would do anything for a friend, even if it makes him feel sad. Theo may be wealthy, but he doesn’t seem happy. His flat is decorated impersonally, and all he does is work. Basically, they perfectly balance each other. I rooted for them right from the beginning. This is a novella, so there really isn’t a lot of time to experience their journey to finding each other, but there is a journey. As they settle into a comfortable routine at Asa’s place, it’s obvious there is something happening. It’s sweet, but there is a bit of heat included.

There are some great background characters. The building Asa owns not only holds his home, but there are three other studios for other artists and a coffee shop on the ground floor. That coffee shop is run by Asa’s sister, Erin. We get a brief, but nicely detailed, introduction to the three other artists during a weekly Sunday brunch at the coffee shop. Erin is there as well, but she doesn’t seem at all happy that Theo has come for an extended visit. She’s aware of how deeply Asa feels about him, and how hurt he was to not have those feelings returned. In fact, she has a few sarcastic (and nearly hostile) things to say to Theo. Of course, she’s just being protective of her brother, but I’d have maybe liked to give her a little head slap. Just a little one, though.

As the inevitable end approaches, we get the big reveal, and it was so worth the wait. In fact it was…everything. Throughout the story, you can feel the sexual tension rising just a little, but once they are finally together? It was wonderful, loving, and HOT.

All in all, I really enjoyed myself as I read The Art of Loving. It was a nice way to spend an hour, and I’m really glad I read it. This is the first of a series, and I’m excited to see where Cassidy Ryan takes it.

PS…I do have one teeny tiny complaint, and that is the story ended at 91% so there can be a preview of the next book. I felt like there should have/could have been a little more of Asa and Theo. Maybe Ryan can write a little more about them in the future?

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