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When mercenary Lee refuses a job for the first time ever, he knows it’ll mark him for death. So he’s not surprised when multiple people come for him, though he dispatches each one. And knowing who is behind it all, Lee makes the decision to kidnap the son of the man, so he can bring the man down.

Scott Majors doesn’t know why he’s kidnapped, and truly fears for his life once his kidnapper makes his intent known. Though he’s certain his father won’t care that he’s gone, and that Lee cannot use him as any kind of leverage, Scott still is afraid of what the man will do. He makes a break for freedom, only to be thwarted. And when he finally gets Lee to talk, Scott knows who the man is. Liam Hallion.

Liam and Scott finally talk, and Liam’s true motives for kidnapping Scott come out. The two men grow closer and act on their mutual attraction. But it all may be too little too late when Scott’s father comes seeking revenge.

This book is a quick read, and I think it’s lack of development was a bit of a hindrance. It almost seemed as if it was in two parts. The first half of the book paints Liam, or Lee as he’s known, as having sinister motives. In the second half, once Scott finally recognized him, he changed and his real motivations become clear. But the problem here is that if you believe one half, then the other half doesn’t make much sense. And that was a bit of a problem for me. If Liam had really kidnapped Scott for the reasons he says, then the whole clandestine thing, and keeping that a secret for Scott, reads entirely as a plot device. So when the second half spurred into action, everything felt like it was moving too fast. The reader is taken from one line of thinking to another at breakneck speed, and then all the action, declaration, and ending happens much too fast for what the author was trying to lay out. The pacing was also a bit of an issue for me.

The characters themselves were fairly decently done, though I found them a tad inconsistent. I didn’t have any problem following along on their thought processes and motivations, so both Liam and Scott worked for me. Not particularly well developed, but fleshed out enough to be believable. To a degree. This whole story has a certain element of jump on and believe about it, so if you just take who they are and their motivations in stride, then the story works. There are moments that are over the top, but it’s not out of the realm of what this author created. There was definitely a sense of chemistry, in the second half of the story, between the two MCs, and so even though it was instalove (basically) it was believable.

So I liked the characters a lot, and thought they worked well together, but there were parts of the plot that left me wanting, and the quick pace of the second half left much to be desired. I had higher hopes for this one, but what did work, worked well. I can tentatively recommend this one for those of you who like bad boys who aren’t what they seem and two characters who work in spite of the plot.

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