InnocentRating: 3.5 stars
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Length: Novel

Gabriel spends two months a year writing in a remote Alaskan cabin. He’s working hard to meet his next deadline when a man breaks into the cabin and holds him hostage.

Ethan is half frozen and has no problem threatening Gabriel with his gun. For as scared as Gabriel is, he can’t help but notice how attractive Ethan is and desire flares quickly between the men. Gabriel can certainly sense that Ethan is on the run, there is a prison nearby, and Ethan is armed and could be dangerous. But Gabriel also senses something beneath Ethan’s rough exterior and Gabriel has to decide whether to believe Ethan when he tells him he is indeed innocent.

If the captor and captive trope is your style, this book is easy going down. It’s easy in the sense that given the theme, there is almost no on page violence and it was almost effortless getting these guys together.

It’s a definite in the moment kind of book. There is little character development or back story for either Gabriel or Ethan. But, when Ethan breaks into Gabriel’s cabin, there is an intense energy that passes between the guys. Sure Gabriel probably should have been more afraid instead of becoming aroused and thinking it was a role play fantasy come to life, but there is something about Ethan that calls to him. There was also something that tells Gabriel that Ethan isn’t as dangerous as he tries to make himself seem.

The story starts with the heat and attraction between the men and that continues on through. There is dual POV here, which adds so much to the story. It was clear whose POV we were in, but the guys did sound somewhat similar. Also, their inner dialog at times did not sound natural and was more formal.

I liked the story and liked both guys. The main issue was that it was all way too easy. Gabriel was in a relationship and it was handled with such incredible ease, so much so, that I wondered why it was even there at all. The trust Gabriel and Ethan have for each other happens quickly and the physical relationship follows right along. Then, Gabriel plays amateur detective and this area suffered as I then struggled with how easy it all was for him.

The book is set in Alaska and both men are American, yet many words were spelled British style. There were also many British terms used. For one example, when in a hospital in the U.S., it was mentioned that the patient was on a “trolley.” All of this did detract from the setting that the characters were supposed to be in.

If I tell you anymore, especially Ethan’s story, there would be little point for you to read the book. The key word here again would be easy, for even Ethan’s resolution seemed to come about so easily. But it was a quick read that held my attention and definitely had its moments. This book is billed as the first in a series and I would most definitely be on board to see where these guys might go from here.

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