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Everyone has a guilty little secret pleasure, and mine is B.A. Tortuga. Ordinarily, I am a fan of angsty romances, but every once and a while I get the hankering for something light and fun. In this anthology, Tortuga brings us four stories with cowboys and the men who seek to lasso these guys! So hold on to your saddles!

Mud on the Tires

What a way to start off this anthology! This story had me in stitches within the first few pages as a naked Lee gets some help pulling a cow out of the mud by a passerby (Collin). Collin is in the area looking for the perfect ranch to raise some horses on. As the two become instant friends, things quickly heat up between them. Add in two dogs who fall for one another and you’ve got a humorous, hot and satisfying story!

Just Like In The Movies

Dooley’s career in rodeos ended with a knee injury, forcing him to work as a stock handler in the movie business despite his contempt for actors who see Dooley and his job as something beneath them. Then he meets Ty, who isn’t anything like the rest of the Hollywood types. The only problem is that both of  them have to keep themselves in the closet if they don’t want their careers to go belly up. After nine years of hiding, Ty has to convince Dooley they don’t have to hide any more


In this friends to lovers story, Holt has spent the last few years in the city trying to make his boyfriend happy when he decides it’s time to head home. After dodging a bullet, Holt’s best friend Teague shows up to help Holt head home and let him in on a secret he’s been keeping!

No Bull

Joss is a bull rider who loves his job and loves the money it brings in when he wins. When Joss is trampled by a bull and finds himself facing the next six months recuperating, Mackie steps in to help his friend with some extra special tender loving care!


My only complaint about these stories is that there isn’t a whole lot of buildup between characters. In each of the stories, we get a bit of background before the clothes start peeling away. Granted, they aren’t full length stories so it is to be expected. Call me old fashioned, but I love a story where there is a slow burn rather than an explosion.

Overall, these four stories may be short on words but they are packed with steamy cowboys who aren’t afraid of getting sweaty! If you are looking for something that will put a smile on your face, you’ve got to check this book out! Highly recommend!

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