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Robert Johnny is an author. He’s had some success, but he’s having trouble writing his third book. He’s turning 30, his boyfriend left him, his best friend is in love with him, and oh…he’s got a stalker.

Dario Martinez is a busboy in a Mexican restaurant trying to earn money for college. His clothes and shoes are shabby. His boyfriend is an abusive, jealous loser, but Dario works hard, and he’s got one favorite possession he keeps on him at all times.

One fateful night, Robert’s friend Chaz takes him to that restaurant and he crosses paths with Dario. Things will never be the same for either of them. Their road to happiness isn’t a very smooth ride, though. There are a lot of things they’ll have to face, but perhaps if they work together, they can get past the obstructions and build a life.

I freaking LOVED this book!  Honestly. I don’t throw out five-star reviews easily, but My Busboy deserves eleventy billion stars rather than a paltry five. John Inman has written a beautiful love story along with a captivating mystery. All of the characters are well fleshed out, and everyone has their place to make this a perfect book.

John breaks my heart. He’s depressed and lost. His boyfriend left him. His agent and publisher are on his back waiting for his next book. He has written 30,000 words that he hates, and even though he’s only about to turn 30, he feels old and broken.

Dario doesn’t really have it much better, but his attitude is one of hope and positivity. Yes, he works as a busboy right now, but his future looks bright, and he’s focusing on that.

Oh my goodness…when they meet, it’s like the Fourth of July, there are so many sparks. Not only do they find each other attractive, but Robert notices Dario has a copy of his first book in his back pocket. When Dario asks him to autograph it, Robert writes something that surprises even himself. I felt their fledgling feelings in my heart and tummy. It was exactly how new love should feel. Of course, it’s not all hearts and flowers. Dario’s boyfriend is jealous and punches him in the face. Robert’s BFF is in love with him, and he’s jealous when he sees the connection happening between Robert and Dario.

Inman’s writing style is damn near poetic. It’s beautiful and sweeping. The detail he uses to describe what’s going on around Robert and Dario is amazing. I saw everything, my favorite being the sudden rainstorm that drenches San Diego the night they meet.

I liked that there weren’t a lot of background characters to clutter up the story. Sometimes, there can be too many, and they become a distraction. Those characters that are included fill the roles they need to, and they are all described so that the reader knows all about them without being too wordy.

The mystery of the stalker is also great. Inman has plotted it out so it’s plausible and makes perfect sense. I thought it was someone. Then, I thought it was someone else, and I was wrong on both parts. That’s a big plus for me. I like to be surprised, especially when it comes to who the big, bad guy is.

You all know me pretty well by now, so I’m going to talk about the sex. Oh, the sex! My favorite phrase is “I can’t even” and that certainly applies here. Robert and Dario made my insides melt…and other parts as well 😉 They didn’t jump right into bed. I actually expected that and was almost disappointed when it didn’t happen. The slow burn was so worth it, though. Their love scenes were equal parts hot and sweet, and they were SO hot and SO sweet, I thought I’d faint.

Please read My Busboy. I mean this with all my heart. I’ve tried to give it justice in this review, but to really understand, you have to see for yourself. In fact, you have to savor it yourself. Just pick it up. You won’t be sorry in the least.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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