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Jeffrey Roach recounts the heartwarming and hilarious tale of how he and his partner Ken started a family in one of the unlikeliest places. Narrated by Jeff, the tale starts in 2001 when one of Jeff’s and Ken’s friends announces that she is pregnant. When Ken says that he wants a baby too, Jeff realizes that if a baby will make Ken happy (and get him out of walking their dog), that maybe they should look into it. In this humorous memoir, readers will follow along over an eighteen-month journey as Jeff and Ken navigate their way through a process where single parent adoptions were the only way for gay couples to adopt a baby from Guatemala. As they go through home studies, background checks, legal red tape, choosing a child, awaiting the adoption to be finalized, and bringing baby Jackson home and dealing with the reality that their duo became a trio, readers will laugh and cry right alongside!

This is a story that will warm your heart while keeping you thoroughly entertained. Jeff narrates this story so well that it almost feels as if you are reading a novel written in the first person – except that everything he’s telling you really happened. Within minutes of starting this book, I wanted to sit down and have coffee with these two guys because they were just the types of people who you know you would enjoy meeting.

I also have to say that this book really opened my eyes on how difficult it is for gay couples to become parents – even in this day and age. Without the ability to pop out a kid in nine months, they face hurdles at every junction that they keep on jumping because they want to be parents. As readers will see in this story, just because a child didn’t come from one’s womb doesn’t mean that there is any less love or devotion on the part of the parents.

I absolutely loved this story, I didn’t want it to end – but I wanted it to end because I just wanted them to be able to welcome home Jackson! It’s rare to read a story that can compete with my fantasy world fiction stories that I devour, but this book managed to do just that. If you are looking for a feel good story with an abundance of laughs, you’ve got to check this one out!

P.S. I keep my fingers crossed that Roach will venture into writing fiction stories because it was a pleasure to read his memoir!

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