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Logan Gentlemen was twelve when the dirigible he lived on was boarded, his younger brother was taken, his older brother killed, and Logan was rescued by the man with silver wings. He’s been working for the resistance ever since, searching for his brothers, and loving the man who saved him, Lucius. Logan has been reunited with his older brother, Joshua, but his younger brother, Alex, is still in the clutches of the enemy and not in his right mind. Logan is determined to save his brother, and the children who are being kidnapped.

Lucius is the leader of the Hinders, the resistance, and he keeps Logan at arm’s length. Despite one desperate kiss and a quiet declaration of love, Lucius has been avoiding Logan. Logan thinks it’s because of his mechanical arm. But Lucius sets him straight; it’s the guilt that’s weighing on him. The two men finally act on their attraction and Logan’s life is finally falling into place. Not only does he have the man he’s been wanting for years, but he also finally has concrete evidence about what is happening to the children and where he can find his brother. If only they can make the connection they need and get there in time.

This is the second book in Cox’s The Gentlemen Brothers series, and the books definitely need to be read in order as this story builds directly on the first. The plot thickens in this one, and the guys find even more clues as to who is stealing the children and why. I’m really liking the way this is all playing out, and how this part of the story is unfolding in a mostly believable way. That coupled with a nice romance, made this book a pretty good read.

It begins with the prologue, and it’s the same one we saw in the first book, only from Logan’s POV this time. While I once again found it a little choppy, it really got us into Logan’s head and let us know who he was, although he was only 12 at the time. The writing smoothed out as the larger story unfurled, and we really get to know Logan well. I like that he’s a pretty big contrast to his brother, Joshua (the MC of the first book). He’s got a sweetness, a shyness about him that totally works. I liked how he also had a definite backbone as well, and was fearless when Lucius was at his side. Logan will do anything for the man, not just because he loves him, but also because he really believes in Lucius.

I thought these two guys fit together really well. Lucius, for all that he’s the leader, has some definite vulnerabilities where Logan is concerned. I liked that he was different with Logan than he was with the rest of the Hinders. When dealing with resistance business, he’s in charge and makes the tough calls. But with Logan he’s got a softer side, and it really worked. These guys sparked. I honestly wanted to see a lot more of their connection together, and this part was lacking for me, but despite that, there was just something about these guys that just worked.

Another thing that really worked for me, and that I really liked to see, was more of the steampunk aspect. Mechanical wings that allow people to fly, several devices, Logan’s arm, all of these things were described and fleshed out. I felt we got a better sense of the steampunk parts of the world than in the first book, and that made me really happy.

I have to admit, however, that I had one big problem with the book. Logan has been with the Hinders for 15 years, ever since Lucius rescued him. And he actually, unknowingly, holds a vital clue to what’s been going on. I find it hard to believe that in 15 years’ time, he never discussed it with Lucius. I don’t want to give anything away, but it seems to me, with how close the two men are, that this would have come up before now. Parts of their lack of communication made sense, but this was a big miss for me, and I had trouble with it.

Overall, this was a nice installment to the series. The plot moved along in a believable way, the characters were great, and it’s setting things up nicely for the next book. If you like steampunk, a little heartache, and a mystery, you might consider giving this series a read.

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