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Something is very wrong with Levi Reed. Drugs provide a temporary fix at the expense of a sharper sense of clarity, and counseling teaches him to build a dam, and yet the anxiety and fear are constant companions that seem to be slowly eroding Levi’s very mind. At the age of nineteen, with a failed semester of college behind him, Levi’s friend Gia and brother Logan are among the few he calls friends and even they are getting stretched to the limit. When a hooded stranger shows up causing Levi immense blinding pain and a rush of pure emotion unlike anything Levi has ever felt before, he knows only on thing—either this mysterious man is going to end up killing him or be his salvation. But the story that unfolds plunges Levi head first into a strange and deadly game that could end up with either his death or the loss of all he loves.

Welcome to Soul Seekers by Jake C. Wallace and a world so full of mysticism and mayhem you best buckle up for the ride of your life. Levi is trapped in an unbelievable world where he becomes a pawn in a deadly game between those who have shielded him all his life and those who seek not to destroy him, but use him to destroy all that is evil from the world. Of course who determines what is truly evil may be the very minions of hell itself. Levi has lived all his life wrapped in anxiety and fear. The medication he takes dulls the edge but never fully eradicates it and so simple things like being in a crowd can provoke panic attacks that paralyze him.

In the mix of all this is a dedicated older brother, Logan, and a dear friend, Gia, who try their best to help Levi navigate life. When he decides to quit his meds cold turkey, life begins a downward spiral that has him elated with joy at one point and contemplating suicide the next. What each of these extremes has in common is a mystery man who seems to be stalking Levi and whose very presence causes such incredible agonizing pain that Levi swears his brain will explode. Jeb Malone is a conundrum—at times gruff and severe and at others, kind and sexy. Hiding his own agenda, Jeb seems to be after only one thing—helping Levi restore his soul. Now thrown into a world of seers and keepers, a world where others hold or keep another’s soul until they are ready to control it on their own, a reality where those who seek to eradicate all evil or what they deem evil from the world are not above using Levi to meet their needs, Jeb and Levi must figure out whom to trust and how to survive before Levi is turned into a weapon of mass destruction at the hands of madmen.

I wish I could tell you this entire story—it is so incredibly well written, action packed from page one to the end, and simply captivating. Creating a reality from the mystic is never easy. Then adding layers of hierarchy to a race of people whose abilities allow them to control another’s soul is just staggering and yet Wallace does just that, carefully crafting a story that is chocked full of alternate reality building and characters who never fail to excite or impress. What could have been an information dump on this race of humans turned out to be an intricately woven story that unfolded bit by bit and had me hooked from the beginning. My heart hurt for Levi and the onslaught of pain and emotional upheaval he must endure in this story are relentless and never ending. The family that surrounds him is loyal but even they are pushed beyond their means. It is Jeb who will turn out to be both a balm and the key to a new world where every emotion before held away from Levi will come on full force.

Soul Seekers by Jake C. Wallace is a phenomenal tale of survival and triumph. With fast paced action and heart stopping discoveries on every page, this is one you will not want to miss. I highly recommend it to you.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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