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Lesto Arseni, the High Commander of Harken’s Imperial Army, has been kidnapped. And he isn’t particularly happy about it. Bad enough he’ll never live down the embarrassment of being taken by a pair of imbeciles, but now he’s been dragged to the middle of nowhere. Miles from home, Lesto begins to plot his escape when he is suddenly brought face to face with someone familiar. Shemal shey Variago is a pirate, or rather he was before a royal pardon left him free to start his life over. A single, breath-taking encounter with the High Commander prior to his pardon has forever imprinted itself upon Shemal, but he never expects to see Lesto again. Especially as the bound captive of two ridiculous kidnappers.

Shemal helps to free Lesto, but all too soon he and Lesto find they are being stalked by a far more dangerous group of soldiers with no hesitancy to murder. With only one another to rely upon, Lesto and Shemal struggle to stay alive while confronting the ocean of passion that has sprung up between them. But even if they avoid execution at the hands of foreign mercenaries, there are still arrays of challenges they must conquer in order to find a measure of peace and a chance at love.

The Pirate of Fathoms Deep is the sequel to The High King’s Golden Tongue. While it could be read as a stand alone, the book will be much more enjoyable if you’ve read The High Kings Golden Tongue and you will thoroughly enjoy doing so. Megan Derr is one of the best fantasy writers out there and her books always provide great characters and a strong storyline. The Pirate of Fathoms Deep is certainly no exception. The writing is crisp, clean, and contains Derr’s signature world building and expansive story telling style. From page one, readers are immersed in the narrative and the plot rarely drags or stumbles and if it does, it never lasts for long.

As with many of Derr’s works, the characters of The Pirate of Fathoms Deep serve as the backbone to the rest of the plot. We first met Lesto, the High King’s brother in law and chief military commander, in the High King’s Golden Tongue. And I must confess I was a great deal more taken with Lesto than I was with either of the main characters in that book. He’s brash, brave, and an all around force to be reckoned with. His loyalty and love are absolute, which makes him all the more endearing. Shemal is the one man who, aside from the High King, has ever dared challenge Lesto. And rather than be upset, Lesto is enraptured but Shemal struggles with some real self worth issues. Throughout The Pirate of Fathoms Deep we see him desperately want to believe that Lesto could care for him despite their differences in culture and status. Between these men actions speak louder than words and, while there is never any doubt they belong together, the hurdles they must overcome are written with enough depth and emotion to be truly meaningful. They are a captivating couple and it’s impossible not to become cheerleaders as we follow their story.

The Pirate of Fathoms Deep is another excellent novel by Megan Derr and I was thrilled to find out there will be a third in this series due out in 2017. Aside from a great plot and a smooth, involved writing style, this book plays host to a pair of wonderful characters. Lesto and Shemal are multi dimensional and utterly engaging. If you haven’t tried Megan Derr, this series is absolutely perfect place to start. Consider The Pirate of Fathoms Deep to be strongly recommended!

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