The Silent Sound of VengeanceRating: 3 stars
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Six years ago, police detective Mike Thomas watched his best friend and partner get gunned down when they were ambushed by a corrupt cop at a crime scene. Suffering from injuries himself, Mike left the force and tried to put his life back together.

Mike meets Marci, a prostitute with a heart of gold, who asks him to investigate the murders of several prostitutes that a local corrupt cop has had a hand in. As he begins looking into the murders, he notices the similarities with the killing he and his partner were investigating all those years before when all hell broke loose. As he begins digging deeper, he finds his life may never be the same if he continues seeking vengeance for the women that were killed.

Before I begin this review, I wanted to point out a few things. First and foremost, this is NOT a gay romance story. Instead, it is a piece of erotic fiction featuring M/F relationship. As to why some sites tag this as GBLT, I haven’t a clue. So if you are looking for a m/m erotic story – this is not the one for you. The second thing I want to warn readers about is that this book does have disturbing scenes that depict rape and murder.

As a mystery/suspense story, this book does a fairly decent job as Mike begins to investigate the deaths of the prostitutes. As the investigation unfolds, Mike finds himself getting an insider’s view of the group in action. This fuels his desire for vengeance.

The paranormal aspect of this story is predominantly in the form of ghosts. Mike communicates through his dreams with one of the victims. It is through these scenes that the book hits the erotic level. If you are a M/F erotica fan, you will appreciate these scenes.

For me, there were several issues with this book. First, I am somewhat perplexed as to why some sites tag this as GBLT. The main character doesn’t have a non-heterosexual bone in his body and definitely appreciates females and female parts. For me, I am not a fan of reading m/f sex in explicit detail. I will admit, I found myself skimming over many of these scenes because it just wasn’t my thing.

Another issue I had with this story is that the book starts off in one time period before it jumps ahead six years without blatantly informing the reader of the time change. Yet, almost immediately after, the author informs us of a minor time change.

Also, I wasn’t a fan of the violence in the story. I have no problems with violence in my books; I have no problem with a bit of BDSM either. What I didn’t like is that this story combines the two and there was just something that felt wrong about violence and erotica mixed together that made me cringe.

Overall, this wasn’t a bad story; it was just something I wouldn’t ordinarily read. If you don’t mind a M/F mystery/suspense with a paranormal theme and some violence and erotica thrown in, this maybe something you will want to check out. For me, this book was a miss.

Note from Jay: This book was listed by the publisher as a GBLT romance, which is why we considered it for review. We didn’t realize it was not until Wendy was already reading it.

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