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And as I watched him, it was as if I was remembering something I had always known but never acknowledged.

Sam is dying. He comes to see Xavi to ask him to be with him until the end and to not leave him. It’s been years since Xavi has seen Sam, since that day Xavi left Sam behind, but Xavi promises Sam he will stay with him all the way to the end.

A stolen sea-green Cadillac is the mode of transportation as the guys stay on the move. They keep moving as traveling towards something is better than sitting still. But Xavi likes to be in control and the aimless travel is wearing on him. Xavi can’t do it. He can’t watch Sam die as he comes to terms with the fact that he has always loved Sam, even when the very idea of love let him down.

Sam always wanted to belong to Xavi and being all alone has shown him he has nothing to live for and nothing to fight for. As the days roll by and the clock keeps ticking down the minutes, Xavi knows that saving Sam, that loving Sam, is the only thing that matters. If only he can make Sam believe him.

Every time I read a Suki Fleet book, in that moment, it becomes my favorite of the author’s work and this book is no different. I would like to tell you to just read the book and experience it for yourself one descriptive and emotional paragraph at a time. Wildflowers is tender and sensual and sweet and evocative all at the same time and the words have the power to transport you. Fleet manages to create striking prose book after book and scene after scene with an ability that is truly amazing.

Years prior, Xavi had been traveling with his boyfriend, Joe, and they wound up at a commune where Sam was also living. Xavi and Joe had an open relationship, which Xavi merely tolerated. He was so in love with the idea of being in love that he did everything to make it work with Joe, but his heart was with Sam from the very first moment he saw him.

Sam who was alone in the world. Sam who communicates with sign language possibly because he became too traumatized to speak. Sam who asked for nothing and gave his whole heart to Xavi only to watch Xavi drive away and leave Sam so very far behind.

Even with all of this, the guys don’t know that much about each other. Not in the everyday sense, but none of that matters. Sam is sick and Xavi still can’t seem to get it together. He’s not even sure what is wrong with Sam at first, but knows Sam is fading fast. Xavi makes poor choices and those choices have hurt Sam time and again, but Xavi also knows how to turn it around and he knows how to love Sam.

If you like your books to follow certain formulas and for the storylines to stay within certain lines and conventions, this book may then not be the best fit. I find it remarkable that Fleet’s stories continue to be drawn outside of the lines and I feel fortunate to get what she does with her words. Wildflowers follows its own path and is an exquisite and gorgeous read of a love story.


A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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