Today I am so pleased to welcome Keira Andrews back to Joyfully Jay. Keira has come to talk to us about her latest release, Fight the Tide (which I totally adored and reviewed here). She has also brought along an super sexy, NSFW excerpt and a great giveaway. Please join me in giving Keira a big welcome!


Thanks so much to Jay for welcoming me to the blog today! It’s a pleasure to be here. My new shifter adventure, Fight the Tide, is a sequel to Kick at the Darkness.

When I wrote the first book, I wasn’t sure if there would be a follow-up. But the characters kept tapping me on the shoulder to ask what happened next, and here we are! Turns out quite a lot happens, and I’m planning a third book for next year and then a fourth centered on a character you meet in Fight the Tide. (But don’t worry–there are no cliffhangers, I promise.)

I hope you’ll join Parker and Adam on their journey to find a home. I’ve brought an exclusive sexytimes NSFW excerpt to give you a taste. Enjoy!

Excerpt (NSWF)

Another day was beginning, and it could be their last. Adam didn’t want to fight. Still hugging him close, he inhaled Parker deeply, holding his essence in his lungs until there was nothing else, the fear and uncertainty fading away.

He rubbed against Parker’s ass, the adrenaline from their argument quickly transforming into desire. Here, pressed against Parker’s warmth, Parker’s heartbeat filling Adam’s ears and drowning out any other voices, nothing else mattered. Here, together, they were safe.

Kissing his way down the side of Parker’s neck, Adam stroked over his chest and lower to his cock, which thickened quickly in his hand.

“No fair,” Parker whined. “You play dirty.”

Growling low in his throat, Adam whispered, “And you love it.”

Parker moaned as Adam nudged him the short distance to the cabin and pushed him facedown on the bed. Adam wanted to drop on top and cover him completely, keeping the rest of the world at bay.

When Parker spread his legs, Adam knelt between them. He licked the water from Parker’s flushed skin, kissing and teasing. He hadn’t shaved in weeks, and he rubbed his scruff against Parker’s ass until the skin reddened beautifully.

“Tease,” Parker muttered. “My ass can take more than that. Need more.”

Adam spread Parker’s cheeks and blew across his hole before kissing it ever so lightly, his lips barely touching the puckered flesh.

Parker groaned. “If you’re trying to get me to beg, it’s working.”

The sun filled the cabin through the long and narrow portholes, and sweat dripped down Adam’s spine as he chuckled and briefly flicked with his tongue.

Parker’s little cries of pleasure joined the gulls circling overhead, and the boat rocked gently as the tide swelled. Adam kissed Parker’s inner thighs now, caressing his hips in teasing circles.

With an impatient huff, Parker pushed his knees under him and jutted his ass in the air, reaching back to spread his cheeks. “Come on.”

“Hmm. I’m not sure what you want.”

With a growl of his own, Parker glared over his shoulder. “Adam.” His eyes went soft and vulnerable, and his voice was barely a whisper. “Need you.”

The urge to hold Parker close and never leave their little cabin again swelled, and Adam leaned over to kiss Parker tenderly before whispering in his ear, “You want my cock? Want me to fill you up with my cum? Hmm? You like that, don’t you?” He stroked Parker’s hips harder now.

“Yes,” Parker hissed. “I love it.”

“Or do you want my mouth today?” He kissed Parker’s hole. “My tongue?” With a long swipe, he licked along his crack.

Shuddering, Parker gasped. “All of it. Please.”

Closing his eyes, Adam took a deep breath and let the transformation begin, hair spreading thickly over his face and around his eyes—just enough so he knew Parker could feel it. Could feel the slight prick of claws on his hips and the tip of fangs against his hole too.

Parker trembled with a groan, and Adam could smell the pre-cum that flooded Parker’s dick and surely dripped from the end. “All of you,” Parker muttered.

Adam’s cock throbbed, but he didn’t touch it. With his face buried in Parker’s ass, he went to work licking into him, careful to only tease with his fangs and not cut. Parker cried out, writhing and panting. Adam supposed it was their own form of edging—seeing how much of the animal he could let out without going too far.

“Oh, fuck yes. Feels so good. You feel so good.”

That it was all of him Parker felt—not just his human side—made Adam’s blood sing. He’d never dreamed of revealing himself to a lover, and certainly not during the act itself. But Parker wanted it; he came so hard when Adam let the wolf out. Adam had to breathe deeply and rein himself in so he didn’t leave cuts on Parker’s hips.

He stabbed in with his tongue, which grew rougher and slightly longer when he transformed. He held Parker’s ass open and fucked him as Parker begged for it.

“Yes, yes. Like that. Right there—fuck! Adam!”

Parker shouted and came, jerking as he shot over the sheets without his dick being touched. It filled Adam with a primal pride that sent heat through him. He sat back on his heels to stroke himself, coming on Parker’s flushed ass and wet hole after only several tugs.

Parker pushed up on his hand to watch over his shoulder, his chest heaving. They collapsed together in a tangle on their sides, kissing roughly as Adam’s fangs and claws retreated, his werewolf features fading away. Parker took Adam’s hand, uncurling his fingers. Adam hadn’t even realized he’d cut his own palm with his claws when he’d jerked himself off.

The wounds were already shrinking, leaving tiny smears of blood behind that Parker ran his fingertip through so gently. He pressed a kiss to Adam’s palm before burrowing into his arms, his breath damp and comforting. Adam nuzzled Parker’s growing hair. The boat’s previous owner had left an electric razor, but they hadn’t bothered trimming anything yet.

The boat’s previous owner. As if it had simply been sold.

Despite himself, Adam thought of the framed pictures they’d tucked away carefully in a drawer in the spare cabin. His name was Richard Foxe, they knew that much. He’d had a husband or partner, whose name they didn’t know since it hadn’t been on any of the paperwork or permits stashed near the radar console.

But the husband was in the framed pictures. They assumed Richard was the older man, with gray creeping back from his temples. His husband was a good ten years his junior, his smile almost blinding as he held up an enormous fish.

Adam had considered unscrewing the picture frame to see if there was anything written on the back of the snapshot, but in the end had just put the photos out of sight. Richard and his husband would never sail the vessel again, even if they were somehow still alive. Still, it’d felt wrong to erase them completely.

Parker’s hot whisper was muffled against Adam’s neck. “They cut into you.”

Shutting away his thoughts of the Bella Luna’s ghosts, Adam frowned. “Hmm?”

“They hurt you. At the Pines. I couldn’t stop them. I know you were knocked out for most of it, and you heal, but…I don’t.” He shuddered, his voice scraping out. “I remember. I remember it all.”

Holding Parker too tightly as if it could erase his memories of pain, Adam kissed his head. “I’m sorry. It’s okay. We’re okay.”

“I can’t deal with that happening again.” He shivered in Adam’s arms despite their sweat-slick skin in the warming cabin. “We can’t trust anyone. We can’t go to that island.”

Copyright © Keira Andrews


Fight the TideAdrift in a post-apocalyptic world, they only have each other. Is it enough?

A virus that turns the infected into zombie-like killers spreads through a burning world thrown into lawless chaos. Lovers Parker and Adam have escaped to the open sea when they hear a message over the airwaves from a place called Salvation Island—a supposed safe haven.

Orphaned as a child, werewolf Adam has always longed for a pack. He’s eager to investigate the island, but Parker doesn’t think for a nanosecond that the voice on the radio can be believed. He doesn’t trust anyone but Adam and is determined to keep it that way. They don’t need anyone else complicating their struggle to survive. Or do they?

Danger on the high seas can surface in a heartbeat, and if Parker and Adam aren’t careful, the current will drag them under.

This gay romance is a dystopian adventure featuring a werewolf, his boyfriend, and their struggle to find a place to call home.

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Keira AndrewsAfter writing for years yet never really finding the right inspiration, Keira discovered her voice in gay romance, which has become a passion. She writes contemporary, historical, paranormal, and fantasy fiction, and—although she loves delicious angst along the way—Keira firmly believes in happy endings. For as Oscar Wilde once said, “The good ended happily, and the bad unhappily. That is what fiction means.”


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