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Liam and Troy grew up together, attended school together, and now live and work together. They are as close as friends can possibly be…or are they? Troy, for one, carries a secret torch for Liam, but after a lifetime in the friend zone, he is too shy to make a move and too scared that any overtures on his part might ruin their long-standing friendship. Liam, on the other hand, is desperately self conscious about his perceived inadequacy regarding the size of his testicles.

Determined to help Liam find the kind of physical connection he so clearly wants, Troy takes them both to a sex party where they meet Burton. The attraction is as hot as it is instantaneous. Once the awkwardness of being intimate in the same room as your best friend fades, Liam and Troy discover greater depths to their friendship, to their love. What’s more, the entire evening is masterfully guided by Burton’s experienced hands.

What starts off as wild chance at getting Liam to open up ends with a happy ending for all.

Dear reader, I cannot even tell you when is the last time I read a book that was all about the sex. Sex sex sex sex sex. If you like blow-by-blow sex scenes, this will be an immensely…well, pleasurable read. Yet with all the action between the sheets on page, the author puts in a good effort at making the characters more than dicks and holes.

Liam obviously has a complex over the perceived smallness of his nuts—a hang-up that apparently gets eradicated after an endless night of hot sex. Yes, I was able to suspend my disbelief that such an ingrained inadequacy could possibly be eliminated in a single night…but this isn’t exactly the Great Finnish Novel, either, so it’s all good. Plus, it’s easy to forgive such a shortcoming when the sex is so damn hot.

Then there’s Troy, who takes the cake for me because he’s the book’s embodiment of Angst. He’s the one who’s clearly been emotionally tied up with an oblivious Liam for ever and a day. The interaction between these two is a bit cheesy—and admittedly, it gets downright schmaltzy towards the end—but sometimes you just wanna read a story about a couple of guys finally falling for each other…and getting to read about every thrust—er, step of the way.

The not-so-big surprise is how this turns into a threesome from practically the start. Naive me, though, was avidly turning pages trying to figure out if Liam and Troy would end up together (good old friends to lovers trope) or if Liam and Burton would end up together (there’s a reason Burton prefers men with small nuts and that’s been precious hard to come by for him) or if Burton and Troy would end up together (because the two had met one before at a previous sex party). So when it became beyond clear the twosome would be a threesome, it was full steam ahead through waters I’ve not crossed often.

It was hawt.

I’ve read menage stories before and had mixed feelings. In short form as presented in this story, though, I thought it all worked out rather well. Sure, the set-up is reminiscent of a porno…yet the author clearly paid attention to developing a way for all THREE of the lovers to make sense together. That went a long way to helping me enjoy the story. To that end, I also liked how the author sets up the sex party scene, delivers on the sex, then gives the reader a break mid-way to focus on this monumental shift in Liam and Troy’s relationship, then takes us back for round two in the sex department.

So why did I rate this book so low? As a work of literature, it leaves a lot to be desired. There is no real plot beyond “get laid” and it’s hardly the type of thing I’d spend days poring over. As a “guilty pleasure” kind of book, I’d give it a 4.5 or a 5 I suppose…when you are reading for a special, you know, purpose. Like I said, if you’re into books that focus on the physical (hell, it’s 95% sex, 5% not-sex) or looking for a ridiculously steamy read, you’ll definitely enjoy this book.

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