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Life Without Parole is a continuing serial that must be read in order. Spoilers are evident even from reading the synopsis for each book. Proceed with caution to fully enjoy all this series has to offer.

Being in prison with a life sentence without parole is hardly the scenario for something beautiful to grow–something a lot like love. But, cellmates Jeremy and Trey seem to have just that. Their relationship is completely off limits and forbidden within the prison, but they form a bond and a closeness that defies their surroundings.

After being assaulted when he first arrived, Jeremy has begun to get settled into life behind bars and he doesn’t even realize fully that Trey’s quiet reach has kept him somewhat safe so far. When Jeremy volunteers with the rescued greyhound program, caring for a dog gives him a renewed purpose. But that is short lived as rivalry and jealousy come for Jeremy and Trey and they certainly didn’t expect their new found routine and love story to be snatched away in a blink.

Jeff Erno had me reeled in after the first book in this series and he continues to have me hanging while waiting to see what will happen next. This series is more than just another erotic prison book as it has character development as well as depth and an engaging story line.

This book picks up after the first where Jeremy and Trey’s relationship became more than just casual cell mates. Yet, Trey hasn’t acknowledged anything further and Jeremy is confused. Jeremy doesn’t want to make the next move for fear of being rebuffed and Trey is trying to keep his distance to keep Jeremy safe and to not get too attached. Trey also doesn’t think he’s worthy of a beautiful boy like Jeremy. They both have been through so much emotionally and describing their relationship as complicated is exactly right.

What I like so much about this book is not only do we have Jeremy and Trey, but there are side characters that play pivotal roles that get page time. Characters like Slater, the prison guard who raped Jeremy in the previous book. Now there is nothing to like about Slater specifically, but we are given scenes from his POV that go a long way to seeing his true character. The shifts of POV are clear and concise as we learn of Slater’s sociopathic nature and how he lacks a conscience. He’s exactly the character that you hope at some point will be taken down and although clearly that’s not a guarantee, his scenes piece together the larger framework of the story.

We also get more on Darren, a bible carrying prisoner, who holds a position of power within the ranks of the prison. Just exactly what kind of power he is looking to hold over Jeremy remains to be seen as Jeremy becomes a pawn. When Trey’s lawyer/new stepfather returns, the book then begins to shift in a whole new direction. There was a bit more set up with this book, but it successfully laid the groundwork for a series that has me hooked.

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