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Now that Felix McAvoy and Andrew Wheeler have moved in together, they are trying to settle into their new life. Felix has graduated with his art degree, but finding a job has been tough. He is stuck working as a “walking billboard” dressed as a Roman soldier all day long. Andrew is on break from school for the summer, and trying to make as much money as possible to see him through the next couple years of design school. The guys are scrimping and saving to be able to afford their new apartment and Andrew definitely has some anxieties about their financial situation.

On the relationship front, things are strong between them, even though they haven’t been together long. But both men have some insecurities, ones that they are having trouble fully sharing with one another. Felix has a cross dressing kink (one that Andrew whole heartedly supports), but is having trouble figuring out where it fits into his life. He isn’t sure if it is something he just wants to do in private, or something he wants to take further. He knows the whole thing makes Andrew hot (Andrew is making him a sexy dress after all), but he isn’t sure how to talk about his feelings on making it a bigger part of his life. Felix is also unhappy with his summer job, and when an opportunity arises to further pursue his art, he is torn about telling Andrew, knowing how concerned Andrew is about money. For his part, Andrew has his own insecurities about the relationship. He knows Felix hooked up with lots of guys before they got together and Andrew worries he won’t be enough for him, especially since Andrew isn’t sure he wants to bottom. Part of Andrew really wants to try it, and the other part is still scared and uncomfortable. But he wonders if Felix will get bored with him if they can’t mix things up a little.

The guys have moved on to a real relationship together and are happy to be moving forward. But they need to be honest with one another about what they really want and their true feelings if they are going to be able to make things work long term.

Custom Fit is the sequel to the fabulous Tailor Made, where we first meet Andrew and Felix. I adored that book and loved the juxtaposition of the care free, man-slut Felix with the more shy, reserved, virginal Andrew. And even more when we realize that there is a lot more substance to Felix than he first lets on, and that Andrew has a down and dirty side that he begins to let out with Felix. This book picks up shortly after the guys have made things official and moved in together. I think Myles does a good job giving you the background on that story, so you could jump right into this book. But honestly, I adored that one, and if you like slutty boys, virgin heroes, and some cross dressing, I would tell you to grab Tailor Made first for sure.

The first book came out a while ago (at least its original version, it has since been re-released) so I was excited to see a follow up story for Felix and Andrew. I loved them together and enjoyed reconnecting with them here. We still can see many of the same traits as before. Felix is much more easy going, more wiling to take things as they come, while Andrew is more regimented and uptight. Both guys are trying to settle into more of an adult life, to take on responsibilities they don’t necessarily want. It is a bit harder for Felix, who isn’t quite as responsible as Andrew (fiscally or otherwise), but we can see that he is willing to sacrifice his own happiness for Andrew if need be. The guys are still fun together, sexy and playful, and a really enjoyable couple.

The story focuses mostly on the two guys figuring some things out about themselves and what they want. In Felix’s case, it is the cross dressing, and trying to understand what will work for him. We see him explore and consider options for how he wants to express himself and deal with his insecurities and doubts. Andrew too has fears, his centering around sex and bottoming. I wish things had been developed a bit more in both of these cases. Felix goes through the most self-reflection, but I would have like more exploration and understanding about his final decision. In Andrew’s case, I couldn’t help but feel he ends up trying bottoming and anal play because he worries about losing Felix, not that he is really interested in it. In the end, things work out, but I would have liked a better sense of why he wanted this for him, rather than for Felix. The story pretty much rests on these conflicts of communication, along with Felix’s job situation. Things move along briskly enough that I didn’t get frustrated by the fact that these guys just needed to talk to each other already. But I did wish for less reliance on secret keeping throughout the story.

Overall this is a fun follow up to Tailor Made. I think that the first book had more punch than this one and explored these guys in more depth. But I think if you enjoyed that first book, this is a great chance to follow up with them. And if you haven’t read the first one, I definitely encourage you to give it a try!

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