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Nathan is out of control. He’s knows it, but he can’t stop himself. He has a job he’s proud of and, after an abusive childhood, he finally feels like he can make a living for himself. He not only works hard, but the boss’s daughter, Laura, she’s Nathan’s fiancée. He’s tried to stay away from the drugs, but his life is suffocating him and when he just can’t take it one more minute, he loses himself in pills and anonymous sex with men. Nathan knows he’s gay, but he was never allowed to be himself and he’s on the edge.

When Nathan sees Fury, the man captivates him completely. Fury is a fighter and his very presence intoxicates Nathan. A stolen moment leads to more as Fury is so much more than Nathan thought he would be. But Nathan and Fury are steeped in lies and complications they have no idea how to back out of. Both men know how to fight alone and both men know what it’s like to be all alone, but if they can find a way to put their demons to rest, they might just have a chance at a life together.

throwback thursdayThis book has an intense first chapter. It’s the kind of chapter that makes you want to keep reading and find out more. This first chapter gives us quite the introduction to Nathan, who is strung out while taking what he wants while loathing himself in the process. He has a good job and his work is respected, yet he’s choking on it all. When he can’t take another minute, he drowns himself in the oblivion of pills and illicit sex.

Nathan has a fiancée. I will sort of leave it at that. The full story is slower to unfold and it’s best to experience it as it was written. I’ll just say that Nathan made a deal. He was fully aware of what was being asked of him and he chose to go forward. But Laura likes to remind him of his place and humiliate him as necessary.

Nathan is so closed off and it’s painful to see him interact. His life is about keeping up appearances. He calculates how long he thinks he can look at a guy for because too short of a time is almost as telling as too long. Fury is unlike anyone Nathan has seen before and while everyone wants to look at Fury, Nathan internally battles with himself.

Fury is a MMA style fighter. He’s focused and strong and Nathan has no idea why Fury is talking to him. But Fury is not at all what Nathan thought. While he is dominant in the fight ring, he’s much more tender and lost than Nathan would have ever thought. Both Fury and Nathan had abusive childhoods, but Fury’s life is still dictated by it and while fighting is not his dream job, he’s good at it and can’t find a way out.

So mixed in here is the deal Nathan made with Laura, Nathan needing to pull himself together, Laura’s own story, as well as what is going on with Fury’s life. Fury is involved with some underground people that he feels he owes and he also has a sister that is mixed in here as well. This part of the book was not as clearly defined and the latter part of the book devotes a good portion of the storyline to this and what was going on and who all the players turned out to be was not explained well. At the end, I was left feeling like I didn’t have all the pieces of the story.

The intimate scenes between Nathan and Fury are heated and tender and sensual and intense. Wyre excelled at showing how both men were starving for a physical connection and found what they needed with each other. That is however, the primary focus of their relationship. While there was no time shown of them having a relationship outside of the bedroom, there was something special about Nathan and Fury together and they were the highlight of the book for me.

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