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For the past four years, rock star Nate has been dating married couple Cam and Theo. Their threesome was effortless from the start, and they’ve had a fairly easy time of it. But now Nate’s band is finally making a name for itself and he’s out touring. And that means the only time he can see Cam and Theo is when the tour has a stop long enough that the men can fly out to him. It’s not ideal, but it’s been working, and it’s all they can have at the moment.

Nate is anxious to see his men as it’s been three weeks, but when he shows up at the hotel, only Cam is there. And Cam sits Nate down to explain that he and Theo are having a trial separation. Nate is shocked. Cam and Theo have always been so solid and he had no idea things weren’t great at home. Cam assures Nate that both he and Theo love Nate, and that they aren’t breaking up with him, it’s just that Cam and Theo are unable to live together anymore. They are trying to work things out, but for now they are taking a break.

When Nate gets to talk to Theo, he hears the same thing. It’s a break, they still love each other, and that they are trying to work things out. But as the weeks drag on, Theo and Cam don’t make much progress on their relationship. Any time they try to talk about the serious things, it devolves into fighting. And though their love is obvious, they just can’t seem to be together anymore.

Unable to stand watching his men hurt, and knowing that there has to be something he can do to help, Nate cancels a few smaller shows and flies home to be with Cam and Theo. Things are even worse than he thought. Cam isn’t handling it well, and his anxiety pushes him into a panic attack. Theo isn’t fairing any better, with depression riding him hard. And when Nate tries to get them together to talk, it all goes badly. In the end, though Nate doesn’t want to do it, he breaks up with both of them, needing to take care of himself. But it isn’t until Theo hits the absolute bottom that he realizes he needs help. And that his husband does too. Now Theo and Cam need to work on themselves, and they know if they do, they can save their marriage and win Nate back, if they put in the work.

I’m a fan of this author, and I didn’t hesitate to pick up this book when I saw it. Witt has a trademark, easy writing style that pulls me in and absorbs me into the story every time. And that definitely happens here. Told in alternating first person POV, Witt does a fantastic job of creating three individual and engaging characters. While I had some issues with the pacing, I still enjoyed this book largely because of the characters.

Nate, Cam, and Theo are all fairly distinct characters. Each man has his own personality quirks and differences that immediately make him recognizable. Theo and Cam, at times, are a little similar, but that makes a lot of sense considering they’ve been together for 17 years. I liked that we got to know each character on his own, and this was really helped along by the first person POV. We were privy to each character’s thoughts and motivations, and that really helped to show the reader who he is. Nate is a bit younger than the other two, and he’s finally realizing his dream of being a rock star. But he’s got a good head on his shoulders, and he’s not flighty or sucked into the “rock star” life. In fact, he’s probably the most stable of all three men, and I liked the dichotomy of that. Cam’s quirks and flaws were prevalent in his actions, but he was a sweet, gentle loving man and there was no doubt how much the situation was hurting him. Theo again, was different, with a rough, dominant side and a gentler loving side. It was easy to see how these three men worked together, and it was so hard to see them all hurting.

I loved the plot of this one and being dropped into the story as the relationship was falling apart was a great choice. The author used some flashbacks and well placed thoughts and reminisces to give us a sense of what came before. So that really worked for me. But I said earlier, I had some trouble with the pacing, and that’s where the story lacked a bit for me. To put it bluntly, the middle dragged for me. We saw some of the same scenes again and again. Cam and Theo talking but not working anything out. Cam apologizing for putting Nate in the middle. Nate being with one of his men, and missing the other. The lack of communication between Cam and Theo made sense, to a degree, because of who they are and who they wanted their husband to see when they looked at them. But it just went on for too long. It got a bit repetitive and I was ready for some progress.

When it finally did come, wow, it was amazing. And I liked the way things were handled in the last fifth of the book. But that too was a problem. I would have liked to see it come earlier so that we could have spent more time with the threesome as they recovered and got well. As it was, we spent most of the book with the three men at odds with one another in some shape or form, and wanting to fix it but not knowing how. There was too much time apart and not enough time together. All three guys had insane chemistry, which is something I find Witt does exceptionally well, and I wanted to see more of it. So while I wholly approved of the resolution, it came a little too late for my liking and I felt like I was missing so much potentially good stuff.

So yeah. There were things I really loved about this book, and things that didn’t work as well for me. But it was still an enjoyable read. There are some heart wrenching moments, and some sweet and wonderful ones. The payoff is worth it, even if I’d have liked to see it expanded more. If this one sounds like something you’d enjoy, then I can easily tell you to give it a try.

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