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Someone is killing young boys…brutally. David Shaughnessy is a former priest/exorcist turned police detective and he’s assigned the case. While he is on the scene of the most recent murder, Dallan Jaeger shows up. He’s an Interpol agent investigating some of the other murders. The men click, not just in investigative style, but personally. It turns out they’re both paranormal beings. David is an angel whose wings were stunted by some evil priests during his childhood so they could send him off to be an exorcist for the church. Dallan is what I would call a hunter. He and his band of brothers search The Twist (another name for the paranormal world beyond the earthly realm) for evil.

The men bond and begin to work together to search out and destroy the group of fae who are killing the children and gaining power from these horrible acts. As their love for one another grows, secrets from David’s past are revealed, and his family is in danger from the evil fae. With Dallan by his side, David begins to become the angel he was born to be, and a fight to the death begins.

You’ll notice I didn’t give much of anything away in the description. This is because there is so much going on in this story, I couldn’t possibly sum it all up for you in a few paragraphs. Murders like those that David and Dallan are investigating are horrible even for the human world, but trying to figure out what paranormal being is doing such terrible things to these boys is a different story (Warning: these murders are violent, gruesome, and difficult to stomach). There are a lot of characters, starting with David’s sister and their little family of adopted children. Next comes the other hunters Dallan works with. A bit of a hint is thrown out one of them might actually even be Alexander the Great. There are various cops, fae, and other paranormal creatures, and finally, during flashbacks, the priests who take David and his sister, stash them in a church run orphanage, and proceed to break David to mold him to their will. I found all these characters made for a story that was a little…busy. I had to go back and reread several passages to  make sure I had the gist of what was going on.

I stepped out of my comfort zone for In The Twist. I’ve always been a big fan of murder mysteries, and please don’t think less of me, but the more gruesome the better. The blurb for this book grabbed my attention right away. I realized this was going to be a story with a bit of the paranormal thrown in, but I didn’t expect so much. That doesn’t make it bad. It just made it a stretch for me.

I loved David and Dallan, and I could feel their connection right away. Yes, it was a bit of instalove, but they didn’t jump into bed right away. Hell, they weren’t even making out or anything you usually expect from a romance. The physical side of their relationship sort of had to take a back seat to the urgency of finding and killing the group of fae who were killing these boys. They made love eventually, but it was pretty much right at the end. It was worth waiting for, though.

There was quite a bit of tension/action as David is held and tied down while being slowly tortured by the leader of the evil fae. He must find the power within himself to break free of the chains and save…well…save the world. I thought this was very well written, and it held my attention all through the scenes. The fae was getting into David’s head and making him question all that he was. I was so thrilled with how it turned out!

The story wrapped up neatly, and I’m going to assume there will be sequels. I won’t hesitate to read those books as well.

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