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Length: Novella

Sam has stopped at a diner and is having a meal. He’s an off duty sheriff’s deputy, and he’s not armed.

Montgomery is also at that diner. He is armed and is coming out of the restroom when two men enter and begin robbing the place. One of those men points his gun at Sam with the intent of killing him (even though his partner asks him not to), and Montgomery shoots the robber dead.

The shooting is deemed justified, but Montgomery disappears without giving a statement. Sam is determined to find him and get that statement. While the men begin spending time together and getting to know each other, Montgomery searches for the second robber on his own, even as Sam and the sheriff’s department do the same.

I’m going to begin this review by telling you outright…this is NOT a romance. While the blurb used the word companionship, I assumed that meant a romantic relationship (simply by the book being available to review for this blog), but the old saying about assume comes into play here.

Both men have been married before, and they’re lonely. Mention is made of Montgomery’s lack of interest in sex as being one of the reasons his marriage ended. He felt his wife deserved more. Once again, my assumption was he wasn’t interested in having sex with his wife because he wanted to have sex with MEN. Not so. Montgomery is asexual. He doesn’t like sex at all, with anyone. What he wants with Sam is a deep, abiding friendship.

Sam is also looking for a, for lack of a better term, best friend. He’s new in town, divorced, and nearly paralyzed by his loneliness. He enjoys Montgomery’s company very much, and he begins thinking this could be the friendship he craves.

The whole time I was reading, I kept waiting for the first kiss. I was getting antsy for it. The writing was smooth and detailed, and the picture Crosswell paints is sweeping. However, I wanted ROMANCE, and I wasn’t getting it. My hopes rose when the men spend the night cuddling on a rug in front of the fireplace, even though there was no kissing or sex. I just figured it would happen soon, but soon never arrived.

The search for the second robber climaxed in some anxious moments, and that was satisfying, and the story ends with the reader feeling Sam and Montgomery’s friendship (relationship?) is just beginning, and they will be giving each other what they need.

I wanted to like this story. I really did. I tried very hard to take something good away from it. I can say I’m glad Sam and Montgomery found each other. Nobody deserves to be lonely. I wanted MORE. Perhaps if Lone Star on a Cowboy Heart was longer, I may have liked it better. Maybe another fifty pages or so of the men spending time together would have made me more invested in how it all turned out. I have nothing against books with no sex, but I think I would have skipped this one if I’d have known Sam and Montgomery weren’t going to have a romantic relationship.

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