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Length: Novella

Thomas Harrigan is a law clerk at the prestigious firm Sterling and Associates while awaiting the results of his bar exam. If he passes, Thomas knows he’ll be offered an associate position. Until then, he’s the new guy, and so he’s sent to collect the boss, Clark Sterling, when the man doesn’t show up for the weekly meeting. Thomas never expects to walk into the office to find Clark fast asleep with gay porn playing on the computer. Thomas knew his sexy boss was openly gay, but this is a huge surprise. Thomas can’t help but be turned on by the situation, but as soon as he has a chance to escape, he does. Clark is a hard ass and a little scary, and Thomas caught him in a compromising situation.

Clark noticed Thomas from the moment he hired him, but he knows it’s a bad idea to mix business with pleasure. Still, once he knows Thomas returns his interest, Clark goes after what he wants. The beautiful younger man is everything Clark wants, and they begin a relationship. Both men are falling fast, and their chemistry is explosive. But when Clark finds out that his rival, and ex-lover, wants to hire Thomas after receiving Thomas’s resume, Clark sees red. Betrayed again, Clark cuts Thomas out of his life. Only both men are miserable without each other, and nothing is quite as it seems. If Clark can’t see the truth, they are destined to remain apart.

This was a lovely little short novella that grabbed my attention and held it all the way through. Thomas and Clark are engaging, fairly well developed characters, their chemistry ignites the page, and though there’s a bit of predictability to this story, it’s the very good kind, where you know the men are going to work everything out.

Thomas is sweet, a little shy, and young. But he still knows his own mind and what he wants. I liked that he has layers, and I found him totally adorable. Right from the start, he captured my attention, and I was more than happy to follow him on his journey to love. One of the things I liked the most about him was that, despite his age, he’s got a solid head on his shoulders. This was some of his intelligence shining through, and though I would have liked to see more of it, I loved that we got a solid sense of Thomas. He had valid reservations, and when his heart broke, mine did too.

I had a little bit harder time with Clark. We didn’t see much of his hard-ass-ness, though the secondary characters spoke of it. Really, he was determined to get what he wanted, and Thomas was it. Their relationship progressed smoothly and believably. These guys are drawn to one another, and their chemistry is so good. But then, when Clark gets the news he thinks is a betrayal, he just shuts Thomas out. For me, I needed a little bit more here. I mean, I understood sort of where he was coming from. He’d been betrayed before in a huge way, and he definitely had baggage. It was understandable that he’d react extremely when he thought it had happened again. However, it wasn’t exactly in keeping with what we’d seen from him in the rest of the book, and I would have liked a bit more foreshadowing in that regard. But I still liked his character a lot, and I loved him and Thomas together. Which we get to see a lot of, so that totally worked.

As I said, this is a shorter read, but the plot progresses at the perfect pace and nothing is dragged out for too long. The MCs are great together, some interesting and adorable secondary characters help to flesh things out, and the end is completely perfect for these guys and very satisfying. If you’re looking for a quick, great read, then I can definitely suggest this one.

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